Did you just have a hair transplant? If you did, chances are you are still in the all-important aftercare phase, whether that’s immediately after the procedure or a few days or weeks down the line. In order to ensure a successful transplant, you need to pay special attention and care this summer, especially when temperatures get really high!

So, how can you ensure a successful transplant? We’ve already talked about what you should never do after a hair restoration procedure, so follow our top tips and learn all about the care you need to have in the upcoming season:

Avoid Direct Sunlight for a While

It won’t be long before you’re on the sunbathing on the beach with your loved ones! However, for now, it’s best to avoid direct sunlight all-together. Make sure to protect your head when you go out after your transplant, for example (if you’re worried because you don’t know how long you need to do this, rest assured; your doctor will tell you everything you need to know). But here are the common questions about hair transplants that might help you.

Your scalp is likely to heal within 7 to 10 days, and your hair will start to grow after a couple of months. Direct sunlight can interfere with both these processes, so it’s essential that you take the necessary precautions.

Don’t Go Swimming Immediately

The days are getting warmer, so we get it. The beach and the pool are beckoning and you’d like to go swimming and just enjoy yourself. It makes sense. The problem is, of course, if you’ve had a transplant recently. It’s important to allow for the right healing time, during which you should be careful and strict.

Swimming immediately after your surgery might not be the best option because it can strain the donor area. If you feel like the activity you’re engaging in is tugging at your scalp, then you should avoid it for now. Swimming, then, should be something on your ‘not to do’ list for at least a fortnight to a month after the transplant – confirm with your doctor of you’re not sure.

Be Careful of Physical Activity

When you had a physical routine before undergoing hair transplant, it’s difficult to resist the temptation of going right back into it. You can go for walks or do exercises that won’t strain you or make you sweat very much. Vigorous exercise, however, should only be restarted approximately 10 days to two weeks after the procedure, especially if you know you’re going to sweat. Again, if you’re not sure about anything, just talk to your doctor!

If you still haven’t had your hair transplant, you might be feeling like summer may not be the right time after all because of the care you need to take. However, if you choose to have the procedure a few months from now in autumn or winter, you still need the appropriate aftercare. For example, you’ll need to wear a hat because you have to protect your head from the cold after surgery.

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