Shedding hair on a daily basis is a perfectly normal process, but for many people, the amount of hair that they appear to be losing may start to concern them.

People who have longer hair can tend to feel like they are losing much more hair than those with shorter styles, but this is isn’t always the case, and it often boils down to the sheer length of the hair that is lost that gives the impression of more hair loss.

There are ways in which you can reduce the amount of hair loss that you are experiencing, and not all of them require much effort!

Change Your Parting

You might think that we’re pulling your leg with this one, but having the same parting in your hair for long periods of time can actually cause your hair to become weaker, especially down the part line.

This weakening can often result in the hair breaking quite high up on the head, meaning the full length of the hair will fall off, giving the illusion of a larger mass of hair.

To reduce the risk of your parting becoming a hair loss perpetrator, change up your parting every so often to give your follicles a rest. You may also experience a boost of volume and find a parting that makes your hair look fuller in the process!

Don’t Brush Wet Hair

Many of you might not see the problem with brushing your hair when wet, after all, you need to get all the knots out before you blow dry your hair, right?

While this is true, we’d recommend using a wide toothed comb to tackle those tangles rather than a bristled or wire brush. This is because wet hair is incredibly fragile and elastic-like, which means that it is more likely to break.

Always detangle your hair gently with short, gentle strokes of your wide toothed comb and use detangling spray where required to help protect your hair while it’s wet.

Watch Your Bobbles

When trying to put your hair up, make sure that you are using a suitable bobble, hair tie or elastic- whatever you want to call them.

Some types like to trap the hair around the band, resulting in many people simply ripping them out along with a good clump of their hair. Other times, it’s the tightness of the bobble that can cause the damage by squashing the hair together too tightly, putting more pressure on the scalp and hair follicles.

Instead of scraping your hair back from your face and causing tension in your hair strands, opt for a thin stretchy hair tie and style your hair loosely to avoid causing unnecessary strain on the hair follicles which can lead to hair loss.

Although you won’t be able to stop shedding hair altogether, after using these methods, you should notice a decrease in the amount of hair that you are losing.

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