We would all love to be blessed with a head full of thick and luscious hair – unfortunately it just doesn’t happen for all of us. The natural thickness of our hair is something that we don’t really have control over – you either have it or you don’t.

That doesn’t mean that you have to suffer with limp and lifeless tresses though, as there are lots of different tricks to making thin hair appear a lot thicker.

1. Consider Your Hair Cut

When it comes to making thin hair appear thicker, the answer could lie in the length of your hair. Shorter hair can actually give the illusion of your hair being a lot thicker than it actually is – whilst longer hair can actually highlight the fact that it’s quite sparse. Regular hair cuts will also mean that your hair remains healthier – it gets rid of all the split ends that mean your hair is damaged.

2. Give Volume From The Roots

The root of the problem (excuse our pun) often starts with the roots of your hair. To achieve the illusion of thicker looking hair, you need to add some volume to the roots. If you’re a fan of curling your hair, we suggest that you do so by targeting the roots. Place your curler around an inch from the hair and then wrap your hair around the appliance.  This will instantly add some volume – making your hair appear thicker.

3. Have Days Where You Skip The Heat Styling

Everyone knows that applying constant heat to the hair isn’t a good idea – it causes the hair to become brittle and therefore snap off. This is why we suggest that you limit the amount you use your hair curlers and hairdryers – go natural for certain days of the week. If you really must use heat stylers on your hair – lower the temperature. Don’t dry your hair with the hairdryer at full temperature – it might take longer but it’ll protect your hair.

4. Make Dry Shampoo Your Best Friend

Over washing your hair is not good for its health. For those with thin hair, it can actually bring about a lot of problems. Thin hair is more fragile than most, so you need to take extra care when looking after it. This includes not washing it too often – we lose a lot of hair in the shower – something you can’t afford to happen.

However, thin hair can often look oily quite quickly, so what’s the solution? We definitely advise dry shampoo! It removes that ‘needs to be washed’ look from your hair and means you can skip washing it for a few days. Easy!


These tricks are good for those wanting to add temporary volume, but for a lot of people, thinning hair is a problem that is only going to get worse.

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