Hair loss doesn’t generally happen overnight, so you may notice your hair starting to drastically thin over a short period of time.

This is an incredibly stressful thing to go through, and you will start having hair related thoughts rushing through your mind, sometimes even at all hours through the day.

Believe it or not, this is a completely natural reaction- you aren’t going mad or developing an obsession over your hair unnecessarily. We hear these thoughts every single day when performing hair restoration in Manchester, and they aren’t as uncommon as you may think.

Here are 4 natural thoughts that you may experience when losing your hair.

Why Me?

The first thought that will generally rear its head in your mind is “why me?”.

The first time that you notice your hair starting to fall out or thin, you will probably start to sink into a state of panic and wonder why it is that you are loosing your hair, but more important why it is you that is experiencing it.

This can be an incredibly hard thought to come to terms with, especially if you haven’t yet discovered the cause of your hair loss. Hang in there, hair loss happens to millions of people around the world- you are not alone.

Why am I Losing Hair?

It can be incredibly tempting to head onto the internet and try and excuse your hair loss through multiple search engine searches, and although the internet is a great place for imformation, it’s generally not a great idea to try and self diagnose why you are losing hair.

It may feel like you are putting your mind at ease, but you may find yourself coming across symptoms  that link to other serious conditions, which will one put you more on edge and feeling uneasy,

Contact your doctor before Googling your hair loss symptoms- they know more than “doctor Google”.

What is the Quick Fix?

In today’s society, it’s hard not to be constantly in the “faster is better” mindset.

However, it is important not to jump on the first “hair restoration” serum that you see. The internet and other marketing channels are full of supposedly experienced “doctors” who have “found the secret cure”.

This can quickly turn into a very dangerous thought, especially if you are desperate to try anything to stop your hair loss from progressing. Make an appointment with your doctor before signing up for any “miracle” treatments which could end up damaging your hair even more.

What Will I Look Like Bald?

If you have come to terms with your hair loss, you may have resigned yourself to becoming bald in the future.

You may start to wonder what you will look like if you had no hair at all, and while this is an extremely scary thought, you may find some comfort in accepting what you have come to consider your fate.

Although these thoughts may cross your mind, there are ways in which you can combat your hair loss. Here at DHI Manchester, we provide hair restoration treatments for a variety of hair loss conditions.

If you would like to find out more on how we can help you with your hair, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today by calling 0161 8393769. Alternatively, keep up to date with all our news over on our Facebook and Twitter pages!