Have you ever stepped out of your shower after a seemingly successful wash, only to find that your hair still feels greasy, even after you’ve washed it? It’s incredibly frustrating, especially if you are on a time limit and don’t have the time to re-wash your hair!

So what causes this? Although having a little grease build up after a few days is completely normal, having greasy hair after washing your hair is not.

Here are 4 explanations which may help you determine why your hair is still feeling oily- some more obvious than others!

Not Washing Your Conditioner Out Enough

If you’re in a hurry and quickly rinse your hair after applying conditioner, then you are putting yourself at risk of not fully washing the product out of your hair which can lead to your hair feeling even greasier than when you stepped in your shower.

To combat this, make sure that you are spending enough time running your fingers through your hair when rinsing to ensure that you are separating the hair and targeting any shampoo or conditioner which the water may have missed previously.

Your Conditioner is Too Strong For Your Hair

You’ve probably noticed that most shampoos and conditioners state the hair type that they are best used for. If you haven’t, now is the time to get looking! People with thinner hair need to use thinner, lighter products than those people who have thick hair.

If you are noticing more grease as soon as you have washed your hair, take a look at the shampoo and conditioner bottles that you have just used and see if they are the right strength for the type of hair that you have.

Over Washing

It’s a common misconception that greasy hair is dirty hair and therefore, many people with hair that feels greasy easily will tend to wash their hair every single day to reduce the amount of grease which is visible.

However, would you believe us if we told you that washing your hair this regularly will only make your hair greasier? When you wash your hair, you remove the build up of natural oils on your scalp, often making it dry. This will then lead to your scalp producing more oils to combat the dryness and moisturise itself.

Cut down the frequency of your hair washing and you’ll start to notice that your hair is less greasy!

Washing Your Hair With Hot Water

Washing Your hair with hot water may seem like the obvious choice, especially during the winter months, but this could be one of the main causes of your instantly greasy hair.

Because your scalp knows that heat can lead to dryness of the skin, it will start to produce more oils in preparation for the dryness when the hot water comes into contact with it. This is why your hair may seem more greasy in the colder months as you turn up the heat of your shower.

To reduce this, turn the heat down as you do a final rinse of your hair. Yes, it might be cold, but trust us, it’s worth it!

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