Few things can be as frustrating as having to hear the same things over and over again – and having to reply to them as well. When hair loss starts to occur, it’s only natural that the people around you will make comments and suggestions which, while well-meaning, can become tiring!

And, of course, they can also evoke anxiety and make you think of the problem at hand more times than you wish to.

‘You’re Going Bald’

As if you haven’t noticed that! This is something that most people suffering from hair loss are tired of hearing, since it not only points out the obvious, but it can make you self-conscious as well. After all, when your hair starts to thin or fall, you’re usually the first person to notice it, whether because you spot the hair in the shower drain or on the pillow, or because it feels different to the touch.

‘Have You Considered a Different Hairstyle?’

While this is one of those well-meaning things people say, it can quickly become frustrating to have to constantly explain that either yes, you have tried different styles, or that no, you’re not interested in doing so.

‘Why Don’t You Just Shave Your Head?’

Similarly, some people will just come out and say it: why are you not shaving everything off? Not many men enjoy having a shaved head, nor should they feel like they have to do it just because they’re losing hair. Still, this is something that men going through hair loss hear every day, and no amount of ‘because I don’t like it’ seems to fix it!

‘It’s Not a Big Deal’

No matter that male pattern baldness affects about half of the male population – losing hair is still upsetting. Hair loss is one of men’s most common fears, so the fact that it’s expected to happen doesn’t detract from it being a distressing process; especially because it affects men psychologically when it comes to their self-confidence and self-esteem.

Most people have good intentions when they talk to you about your hair loss. However, it can be frustrating when people in your life repeatedly tell you the same thing. Hair loss treatments are aimed at helping you feel comfortable in your own skin again, and have the added benefit of stopping the same everyday comments!