Here at DHI Manchester we know that winter can be one of the most precarious times of year for your hair. The colder months bring a lot of opportunity for damage, some of which can be easily avoided if you plan ahead and aim to protect your hair. You want healthy, luxurious, hair all year. Therefore, you need to be proactive in this goal.

So, what should you be doing during winter to keep your hair in pristine condition?

Wear a Hat

Winter is a season of many extremes. There can be a lot of wind, snow, and rain to batter your hair depending on the whims of the sky. Hesitating because you dread hat hair? Carry a comb or brush around you to avoid this issue and remember: better to have hat hair than damage your hair.

Also, you may find yourself drying your hair more in winter to avoid the chill of wet hair. Using a good heat protection spray can be one of the best ways to avoid damage as a result of hair drying.

Deep Conditioning

This does not have to be constant during the winter season, but every two weeks or so you should treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment. This will help to rejuvenate the moisture in your hair that is lost between the warm indoors and bitingly cold outdoors.

Minimum Washing

A further way to help prevent the drying out of your hair is to keep the washing of your hair to a minimum. Around two to three times a week is the perfect amount, keeping your hair clean and maintaining the right level of moisture. Over-washing can cause damage to your hair. Doing so in winter is even more punishing, so keep washing to a minimum to prevent brittle and dry hair.

Trim Regularly

Trimming during the winter is also a simple method for maintaining healthy hair. Every six or so weeks you should remove about half an inch, ensuring that you do not have split or brittle ends as a result of the colder weather. This is good advice all year, but even more important between November and February when the cold is at its peak.

Still feel like your winter hair care isn’t hitting the spot? Then don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 839 3769, where our team of hair loss experts will be more than happy to advise on any issues you may be having.