There are many reasons why you may find yourself losing your hair. Whether it’s due to an illness, stress or weak hair, once you’ve undergone your hair transplantation, you need to make sure you take care of your hair.

As experts delivering you with quality, long-lasting hair implants in Manchester, we know one or two things about taking care of your hair. This may mean a slight change to your daily routine, or the products you previously used, but trust us; it’ll be worth it.


Use the right products

Knowing what you’re putting on your hair can greatly help to strengthen your newly grown locks. Dry and brittle hair requires shampoo, conditioner and hair products which cater for infusing your hair with protein and moisture. An oily scalp or hair which suffers from frizz will need a different accommodating product. If you’re unsure what product will best benefit your hair, ask your hairdresser.



Turn the heat down

Heat has a huge damaging effect on hair. Water particles trapped inside your hair follicles expand when too much heat is applied. This causes air pockets to open inside your hair, weakening the follicles and making them far too easy to break and damage. Showering in cool water instead of scalding can help protect your hair, as can turning down the temperature on your hair drier.



Your hair is what you eat

A healthy diet works wonders on your hair and your skin. Eating too many fatty, oily foods can cause oily and greasy hair, weakening and thereby damaging your newly grown hair. Eating iron-rich protein will help to build Keratin – the protein responsible for strengthening your hair, stimulating growth and improving the texture of your hair.

Vitamins are also very important for healthy hair. Vitamin C, for instance supports hair follicles while Biotin- commonly found in eggs, carrots and salmon- works to strengthen your hair and, again, improve hair texture.


Spice up your hairstyle!


You may be known for your particular hairstyle, especially if you have long hair. Keeping your hair in the same style, however, can have a significantly negative impact on your hair. Having your hair down constantly can cause knotting which, subsequently, requires a certain amount of brushing to rid. The friction from over brushing your hair can cause your hair to weaken and snap.

Having your hair up can also cause strain on the scalp and, again, weaken your hair. Making sure you change your hairstyle can help prevent further damage, and using hair protecting products when styling your hair can further help protect your luscious locks.



Start at the very beginning

Above all else, when it comes to protecting your hair, you need to start at the roots. Taking care of your scalp means taking care of your hair. Use moisturising, nourishing conditioners at the roots of your hair, massaging into your scalp before working it into the rest of your hair for full coverage.



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