7 Top Tips for Men: What You Need to Achieve Healthy Autumn Hair

It is true the seasons can affect hair loss, and this is completely normal for both men and women. Depending on the amount of hair a man has on his head, he will shed an average of 80-90 hairs per day, all year round.

At DHI Manchester, we understand hair loss is never easy to handle, and differing seasons can have differing effects on the hair. As the autumn season brings cooler temperatures, this can affect your hair, meaning you need to take extra care of it.

Here, we have compiled a list of tips to help you achieve and maintain healthy hair throughout the autumn season, which can help decrease the pace and severity of hair loss.

Avoid Over Washing

It’s common for men to take a shower or two a day, but it’s vital not to over-wash or shampoo your hair; this common mistake can make your hair dry and coarse. The more you limit washing your hair, the healthier and smoother it will become. It’s recommended washing twice a week is enough to keep it clean and healthy.

Trim Your Hair Regularly

Trimming hair regularly is known for giving your hair a healthy look again, as dead hairs are cut off in the process. Cutting your hair once a month can keep your hair looking healthy throughout the cooler seasons, which in turn also boosts your confidence.

Avoid Wearing Tight Hats

Many men may have a habit of wearing hats or caps for a full day, and some may wear them tighter than is needed. Due to this tightness, the hats do not allow sweat to drop down, and instead, it stays within your scalp and roots which can cause traction alopecia.

Reduce Stress Levels

Your stress levels can play a large role in the growth of your hair, and in the same way your teeth are only as good as your gums, your hair is only as good as your scalp. Regular stress can tighten the scalp and cause hair thinning. Being calmer and de-stressing can boost circulation to the scalp and ensure healthy hair growth.

Eat Healthily

Some foods are not just healthy for your body, they are also healthy for your hair and promote hair growth. Eating these healthy foods can result in healthier looking hair:

  • Eggs are a fantastic source of omega-3, also containing biotin, which many people take to try to grow their hair.
  • Sunflower seeds can supply you with an abundance of vitamin E, which enhances the blood flow to the scalp and promotes faster hair growth.
  • Sweet potatoes are filled with beta carotene, the predecessor of vitamin A – this not only promotes a healthy scalp, but effectively promotes hair growth too.
  • Almonds have a high biotin content, which makes your hair grow faster and thicker.

Use Herbs and Oils

Hair needs oil the same way an engine needs it, and applying oil can help prevent or resolve dry or damaged hair. The most common herb oils are lavender and rosemary, which help to keep your hair healthy. Coconut oil is heavier and can help with dryness. Applying these once a month can increase the health of your hair.

Avoid or Treat Chlorine

Chlorine can play havoc on your hair, as it chemically bonds with the proteins in the hair and causes cuticles to lift, which makes hair dry, brittle and dull. For keen swimmers, the best way to avoid and minimise the chlorine’s effects is to thoroughly wet hair with clean water before swimming, as this helps to dilute the chemicals.

The cooler seasons such as autumn and winter can have an affect your hair, but these tips should help you keep your natural hair looking healthier and help avoid any additional hair thinning.

At DHI Manchester, we are a leading specialist in hair restoration in Manchester. If you find you are suffering from hair loss, or think you have the symptoms leading to this, please do not hesitate in getting in touch with our specialist team at our Manchester hair loss clinic today. We will be happy to answer any questions you have. Alternatively, you can request an appointment online, where we can help restore your hair with our professional treatments.