Aftercare Tips for Your Hair Transplant This Winter

Hair transplants are a popular treatment throughout the year for both men and women. They are an effective and results driven procedure to restore hair growth and discourage thinning, and have been a method used by many.

At DHI Manchester, we offer this procedure for those who are suffering from hair loss, to help restore your confidence and self-esteem. If you have recently undergone a hair transplant, or are preparing for the procedure in the near future, we have compiled some aftercare tips to help you take extra care of it this winter.

Reduce Your Exercise

If you live an active lifestyle, it is advised that you reduce this in order to lower the amount of sweat you are producing; this can affect the healing of your transplant. Especially throughout the colder seasons, we like to keep ourselves warm and active, but during the healing process, steer away from too much exercise.

Sweating can increase the risk of infection post procedure, due to having open wounds as a result of the treatment. By avoiding anything which will cause excessive sweating for at least a week, it is likely that you will encourage a better healing process with the lasting results you desired.

Wear Looser Hats

Hats are a popular item of clothing throughout winter, and they can still be worn after a hair transplant, but it is best to avoid tight hats. By giving your hair air to breath, it can heal naturally. Tight hats add pressure to the transplant and can cause unnecessary sweat, which as we have just discussed, can hinder the healing process and cause a highly irritable scalp. By Wearing looser hats, this can be avoided whilst still keeping you warm.

Stick to Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Some of us like to put our feet up in front of the fire during the winter with nice festive mulled drink, or cold alcoholic beverage in hand to unwind from the day. However, after a hair transplant, this is one of the things that should be avoided during the aftercare period.

Drinking alcohol during your recovery process can affect the blood supply, resulting in a longer healing process for your transplant. For maximum healing, it is best to avoid alcoholic beverages for at least a week to allow your scalp time to heal.

Keep Your Hands Off

After many surgical operations, it is tempting to touch the area where the procedure has occurred, especially if you have got something new as you want to show it off. However, by continuously touching the area, it can elongate the healing process, and it is advised to be as careful as possible during this time.

The Ideal Season for Hair Transplants

The winter season is one of the most ideal times of the year to get a hair transplant, as it is always advised to keep your scalp out of direct sunlight to avoid extending the healing process, and this does not occur during this time of the year.

Wait to Wash Your Hair

Although many of us are in the routine of washing our hair daily, it is advised to avoid this after receiving your hair transplant, due to risks of infection. There are also different ways to wash your hair depending on the treated area and grafts of the person. The common waiting for hair washing time is 7-10 days after the treatment, as this leaves enough time for the transplant to heal properly.

After this time has passed, you can get back into your normal hair washing routine with your new, thick head of vibrant and healthy hair.

Be Patient

Like many things, when we get something new we want the effects to be immediate, but it’s best to be patient with your hair growth and have realistic expectations. Your first new grafts will start to grow within two to four months following the hair transplant procedure, and by the eighth month, an estimated 90% of new grafts will grow. Once the transplanted hair grows out, you will be left with natural looking hair.

We hope these tips have helped you to take care of your transplant. It’s crucial to take care of your transplant as it creates better and longer lasting results. If you would like to find out more about our hair restoration procedures, or our other services we provide, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a friendly member of our team today. Call us on  0161 839 3769 or email and we will be happy to help.