Are Bald Men Attractive?

Most balding men have pattern baldness, with 25% beginning the process at the young age of 30. This is not surprising, considering there nearly 300 genetic markers for baldness were found recently, with many others existing! This is why some men opt for a combover while others choose to shave their heads entirely. And now that it’s Valentine’s Day, many men are asking themselves if this is the right time to go for it…

Seeing as this procedure brings with it a wealth of benefits, it’s not surprising that most will answer ‘yes’, as hair transplant can help minimise the psychological effects of hair loss, such as low self-esteem, embarrassment and lack of style.

A Study in Baldness

In a study in the Social Psychological and Personality Science, participants rated pictures of bald men and men with hair. Bald men were perceived as 13% more dominant, 10% more masculine and almost 4 years older than their true age.

The study doesn’t focus on attractiveness per se, but this can be defined as a collection of desirable features, in which masculinity and maturity are often a part of. So, it can be deduced that many view bald men as being more attractive.

While many positive traits, such as power, are associated with baldness, the truth is that people do perceive you differently after a hair transplant; and you can see the proof of this in movies and TV shows. The ‘bald guy’ is usually the butt of jokes – a famous trope used by many across the world. In contrast, leading men have generally (though there are exceptions, of course!) a full head of hair.

Balding vs Shaved Head

Or a head they chose to shave.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that most men with thinning hair or receding hairlines opt to shave their head instead. They are considered more masculine by doing so, an interesting psychological effect that also says that men with toupees or combovers are perceived as less honest as men with shaved hair.

Research suggests, then, that if you are going bald you should opt for either shaving everything off or undergoing a hair restoration procedure. The ‘in-between’ that is the balding process itself is perceived as less virile and dominant, which can also contribute to how people see you as a leader.

The Conclusion?

Many people find bald men attractive, while many tend not to. So, the answer is both ‘yes’ and ‘no’, as it becomes a question of personal preference. However, men without hair tend to agree that baldness is attractive, while men with hair would prefer not to become bald.

This discrepancy clearly indicates that baldness may not be everyone’s cup of tea… on the contrary, the majority of men prefer a full head of hair, including celebrities who seek hair transplants.

This Valentine’s Day…

While there is no doubt that many bald and balding men feel comfortable in their own skin, many others are not so lucky. Whether it’s social interactions, personal lives or professional careers, the majority of balding men prefer to improve them by undergoing a hair transplant.

With the most romantic day of year upon us, this is the perfect time to make a decision! If you’ve thought about hair restoration before, there’s no reason not to go ahead and start enjoying your new hair in no time.

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