Hair loss is something that affects both men and women around the world. Whether it’s because of genetics, age or lifestyle choices, it can be confusing and devastating to discover that you’ve started to lose your hair.

This is why lots of people have turned to hair transplants, a cosmetic procedure that has been extremely popular in the last few years.

The surgery is something that could drastically improve your appearance and restore the confidence that was lost due to hair loss. Many refer to it as being a life changing procedure. However, it’s not the right step for everyone. In fact, there are certain things that mean some people aren’t a suitable candidate.

Is hair transplant surgery right for you? Are you a suitable candidate? It’s important that you have a clear understanding of the subject before making any decisions. We’ve outlined everything that you need to know below.



The ideal candidate for hair transplant surgery is often someone who is older rather than younger. Male pattern baldness is different than a lot of issues – it actually shouldn’t be treated as soon as it’s noticed. Undergoing a hair transplant in the early periods of hair loss could just lead to needing another one a few years down the line. You should wait 5 years after first symptoms of hair loss so that you can easily judge the speed in which your hair is receding. Patients who are 30 or older are ideal – their hair loss pattern has already been established.


To be suitable for a hair transplant, patients must be healthy and have a healthy lifestyle. If you’re not healthy enough to undergo surgery, it’s likely that you will be rejected for a hair transplant. Any chronic health conditions should be discussed with your hair transplant surgeon – they will give you advice and information on your suitability for surgery.

You also need to commit to certain lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep and avoiding stress as much as possible.

Hair Loss Severity

The results of your hair transplant will depend on the severity of your hair loss – there actually has to be hair in order for the transplant to successfully work. There needs to be enough hair in the donor area – often at the back of the head – to properly cover up the areas in which hair follicles have been removed. The amount of hair here will play a huge part in the results of the procedure.


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