Hair loss is common in small amounts during the day, but it’s when the hair loss is in higher quantities that it becomes a visual and problematic issue. As with any condition, awareness of the problem leads to talking and researching into finding solutions.

Bringing awareness is also about telling the story as it is, with real life people who understand hair loss and how it affects you.


Bringing Awareness

A full head of hair is often associated with health, and talking about hair loss is never easy. Both men and women suffer from sudden and dramatic hair loss or gradual and less noticeable hair loss, and both of these can damage self-esteem.

The definition of beauty isn’t a one-size-fits-all shoe and having an open, honest conversation about hair loss demonstrates this difference. Heightened awareness of the issue can also inform you of bad hair practises you should stop, which might prevent you from having hair loss.




You’re Not Alone

Honesty and openness about hair loss leads to more than just bringing awareness to this common issue. People suffering from this condition might feel alone and embarrassed, and knowing that others have hair loss helps them not to feel alone.

Anxiety and depression are linked to hair loss, and feeling alone will only worsen it. By hearing stories from others with similar hair loss conditions you know there’s a support group of people who know exactly how you feel and can understand what you’re going through.



Getting Treatment

Hair loss can be a very complex condition, depending on what caused it. The Institute of Trichologists classifies at least 50 different types of hair loss, with varying degrees of loss. Modern hair loss treatments have advanced greatly to find the right solution for every personal requirement.

Here at DHI Manchester we specialise in minimally invasive hair loss treatments in Manchester. With over 46 years of experience in delivering personalised solutions, we understand that hair loss is more than just a physical condition; our highly-skilled staff are compassionate and understanding, and will be there to guide you through your procedure to ensure you are in the safest hands possible.



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