We have discussed James Nesbitt and Wayne Rooney’s hair transplant success stories, and we’re now turning our attention to another celebrity who isn’t afraid to discuss having hair restoration. For many years, British model Calum Best has suffered with thinning and hair loss. Beginning to show signs of balding from the young age of 22, he decided to do something about it and rid the balding.

Here at DHI Manchester, we are here to help you rid the balding and guide you back to restoring your hair.

The Beginning

Calum Best is the son of the global icon that was footballer George Best. He inherited his dad’s good looks which helped propel him into a path of modelling, where he achieved great success. His life was a dream, earning more money as a 21-year-old than his dad would have done at the same age. Then, in his early twenties, he began to lose his hair and decided to do something about it.

The Treatment

Calum’s path to restoring his hair involved a total of three hair restoration procedures. This started in his relatively young twenties and required additional procedures to address further hair loss. He has now transplanted 6000 hairs to his front hairline.

Hair Transplant Number One

In his first transplant, Calum had 1,200 grafts – amounting to 1,850 individual hairs – moved from the side of his scalp to the front. He had adopted the scraped back pony-tail hair style made famous by Kate Moss – which damaged his hair and scalp.

Hair Transplant Number Two

During the second transplant, Calum had 1,257 grafts – amounting to 2,228 individual hairs – moved from the side of his scalp to the front, one year after his first procedure. He has stated he had the second procedure because he was so pleased with the first, and how it had helped boost his confidence.

Hair Transplant Number Three

In his third procedure, he had 1,200 grafts moved to the front of his scalp, a year after the second procedure, highly boosting his self-esteem.

The Results

Calum has joined an array of celebrities who have chosen to speak openly about choosing hair transplantation as their preferred solution. Living in the public eye, hair transplants can be the subject topic of speculation, but Calum Best is a good example of why this doesn’t matter. Instead of being embarrassed and afraid to talk about it, he was happy to discuss the situation from the get-go.

Calum’s hair loss has slowed considerably in recent years, displaying a much fuller head of hair, and he has expressed his delight with the outcome.  Hair transplants can help you feel less self-conscious, and the compliments you will experience after the procedure will make you proud to show off the results. Here are some more before and after results of those who have had hair transportation at our clinic.

Here at DHI Manchester, our unique patented method of transplantation ensures that each of our patients achieve natural results every time, enabling lifetime hair growth. Do you want to experience the same success as Calum Best? To know more, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or book a no-obligation consultation.