We’ve discussed the effects that an unhealthy diet can have on the health of your hair, including the importance of eating a healthy and balanced one. However, were you aware that eating certain foods can also help you prevent and reduce the risk of hair loss?

Although genetics still play a huge role in the future of your hairline (this is something that can’t be avoided unfortunately), you can still take back some of the control. By eating plenty of foods containing the following nutrients, you can ensure that your body receives what is needed to keep your hair healthy (and existing) for longer.




One of the main causes behind hair loss is an iron deficiency, which makes it extremely important to eat foods that include a lot of iron. Spinach is a fantastic example of a food that is full of iron (as well as vitamin A, vitamin C and protein.) Other foods rich with iron include red meat, salmon and tuna.



For healthy hair, it’s important to eat food that is rich in sulphur. It’s a mineral that is found in the body, especially in the hair, nails and skin. It helps in blood circulation, reduces skin inflammation and of course, aids in keeping the hair nice and healthy. Even though sulphur is already in the body, it’s essential that you obtain as much as possible through a healthy diet. You can do this by eating foods such as eggs, meat, and fish. You can also achieve your intake by drinking plenty of milk.




By eating foods that are full of zinc, you can make sure that your hair and scalp stays as healthy as possible. It does this by maintaining the production of oil-secreting glands that are present on the scalp – these are responsible for the hair growing. However, it’s recommended that you don’t eat too much. Chickpeas are a fantastic source of zinc!


Last but certainly not least is protein. Eating protein is essential for your overall health, but definitely for the health of your hair. Not only can lack of protein make your hair fall out, it can also turn it prematurely grey! It’s important to eat a diet that is full of naturally occurring protein. This will include foods such as chicken, turkey, beans and kale.



Sometimes hair loss is something that can’t be avoided, despite taking every step available to prevent it. This is where DHI Manchester can help you out.

Specialising in hair loss treatments, such as hair transplants and micropigmentation, our expert team can help you find the hair solution that is best for you.

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