After discussing James Nesbitt and his hair transplant success story, we’re now turning our attention to another celebrity who is not shy about having had hair restoration. For years, Wayne Rooney has experienced the ups and downs of hair loss. However, the football pro and England skipper has been very open about his process of gaining back the locks that have faded away. Balding at 25, he reportedly thought, “why not?”

Here at DHI Manchester, we are here for those ‘why not’ moments and guiding you back to a full head of hair.

The Treatment

In 2011 and 2013, Rooney underwent hair transplant surgery in order to give his receding hairline a new lease of life. He has always been open regarding the effect of this hair loss, especially after receiving the nickname Bobby Charlton from his teammates. He confirmed the news on Twitter at the time, stating that he had been ‘delighted’ with the result.

The second treatment Rooney underwent was scheduled as part of the original treatment plan. This is often at the case as it enables a more thorough treatment and means you will not have to have a prolonged recovery period as a result.

Rooney underwent a full transplant. Meaning that individual follicles were removed from the denser areas of his hair, typically the back of the neck, using a fine needle or by plucking. This method does not require an incision in the skin and so is much better for reducing scarring after the procedure. Then tiny holes are made in the affected balding area of the head, into which the healthy hair follicles are then inserted. It is one of the most minimally invasive hair transplant procedures available at the moment.

Public Reaction to Rooney’s Transplant

Obviously, living in the public eye makes a hair transplant a talked about occurrence. There are many cases of male celebrities taking the necessary steps to rejuvenate their hair and finding themselves the subject of speculation as a result. Wayne Rooney is a good example of why this doesn’t matter. Instead of being embarrassed, the footballer owned the situation and put people straight from the get-go.

This is the attitude that many should exude when it comes to hair transplants, as it can help you feel less self-conscious about the process and make people less likely to ask awkward questions after the procedure. The compliments and self-confidence that you will experience after the procedure will undoubtedly make you proud to show off the results, so there’s no need to worry about people’s reactions!

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