There’s lot more to hair loss then meets the eye. The main cause of hair loss in men is usually attributed to DHT (dihydrotesterone) which is a breakdown of the hormones causing the reduction of the hair follicles. For women, the reasons for hair loss can be much more complex; studies have suggested alopecia, stress, trauma, and polycystic ovaries are the primary causes of female hair loss.

However, recent studies have suggested that the seasons can have a profound effect on your hair. You are possibly more likely to lose your hair during certain times of the year. Your hair loss could indeed be a seasonal effect!

Sunshine is Not Always Good for You!

According to hair restoration expert Dr Robert Dorin, summer is a key period where you can suffer from significant hair loss. Studies suggest that women tend to have slightly larger rates of telogen during the month of July; telogen is known as a relaxing stage for the hair follicle which causes the hair to shrink and weaken.

The More Extreme The Weather, The Worse Your Hair Can Become!

Dr Robert Dorin states, “if your hair is exposed due to extreme weather conditions, as much as seventy per cent of strands can enter the premature resting stage early”. This is the main reason why women experience major loss during the July period, although late autumn can also be a key period for hair loss.

Autumn Can Be The Worst Time

A study published in the Journal of Dermatology – where scientists followed more than 800 women over a six year time period – found that women lost the most hair over autumn.

The studies gathered all suggest that hair loss could indeed be a seasonal effect, however Dr Dorin states that seasonal hair loss isn’t always a cause of concern as hair regrowth is also occurring simultaneously.

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