Here at DHI Manchester we know that hair loss can occur for several different reasons. Aging, stress and even outside factors such as the weather. More and more, people are also experiencing hair loss as an unfortunate side effect of their hair products. Although not a common occurrence, there have been incidents involving certain larger brands that have been making headlines in particular recently.

So, are your hair products actually causing hair loss? Or is just another urban myth?

Dry Shampoo

Many people find dry shampoo to be a lifesaver on a workday. You may not have time in the morning to fully wash and dry your hair, nor do you want to spend your evenings with wet hair either. So, dry shampoo offers a quick and time-efficient solution.

However, recently there have been issues with users claiming it is causing them hair loss. One woman claims that despite having many different hairstyles and colours, it was only when using a dry shampoo product that she had problems with hair loss. But, is dry shampoo really that damaging or are their other factors at play?

In fact, experts suggest that the problem may lie in the frequency of washing. If someone does not wash their hair regularly, instead replacing washing with dry shampoo, they may incur a build up of grease and other clogging particles on their scalp. Such clogging in scalp pores causes inflammation. This, in turn, causes the loss of hair that people have been experiencing.

So, hair loss may come when using dry shampoo. But, if you use it in moderation and alongside regular washing, it should not be a problem.


Recently, a surge of people have come forward to raise complaints and lawsuits against Wen Hair Care. They have done so amidst claims that the brand’s conditioner causes hair loss. Many women have left reviews stating that large clumps of hair are being lost after using this conditioner. The lawsuit claims that the conditioner is not easily washed from the hair. Rather than removing during washing, the conditioner remains and impacts the hair follicles and ultimately causing hair loss.

However, experts seem to disagree. More, it is the frequency of use rather than any toxic chemicals in the conditioner that is likely to be causing these women hair loss. Improper washing is one of many reasons that hair can thin. This issue may simply be coinciding with the use of Wen Conditioner and causing a connection being made.

Preventative Action

Of course, no product is infallible. If you suspect that the current product you are using is causing you to lose hair, then the first and only course of action is to switch products. A short period of using no product at all may also be advisable, in particularly worrying situations. If unsure, simply don’t risk it.

Are you still experiencing the stress of hair loss despite a change in hair care products? If you’re looking for more information about any of our procedures, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. Simply call 0161 839 3769 to speak to one of our experts who will be able to advise you further.