The summer season is creeping up on us pretty fast, and the sun is already beating down on us as we speak!

With the warmer, sunnier weather, more people are turning to caps and hats to protect their heads and their eyes from the sun. Although it’s important to protect your head from the sun’s rays, many people believe that wearing a hat can actually cause more harm than good.

But how true is this? Does protecting your head really put your hair at risk of falling out?

Not Necessarily

Although it is true that wearing some hats which are tight around the head can cause some damage to your hair, there is no scientific proof that hats cause your hair to fall out more frequently than those who don’t wear hats.


If your hat is very tight, you are running the risk of cutting off the circulation to the hair follicles which could eventually result in hair loss, but a normal fitting hat has a very low chance of causing any hair to fall out.

Why Do People Think This is True?

If you’re a regular hat wearer, you may notice that your hat is covered in hair when you take it off. This can often make people anxious that their hat is the cause of the hair loss, especially if the wearer has thin hair to start with.


However, this is nothing to worry about. We lose hair on a daily basis which can be as much as 100 hairs a day. We usually don’t notice this as much as these hairs are lost through brushing and falling out as we move, but when wearing a hat, this concentration of loose hair can make it seem much more than it actually is.

It is also possible that some of the hairs on the hat have been there for a while, with the hat collecting more hair each time it is worn and making it look like a significant amount of hair has been lost.

So, Can I Wear a Hat?

Go for it! We’d never tell you not to protect your head, scalp and eyes from the sun. In fact, these are some of the most sensitive areas on your body – we’d recommend that you do cover up!

If you are worried about hats ruining your hair, you could always swap it out for wearing a thin scarf over your head instead. This will reduce the amount of friction between your gat and the material, and keep your hair looking smoother for longer!

If you’d like to have thicker and fuller hair to show off during the summer months and not have to worry about hair loss ever again, feel free to contact the experts at DHI Manchester today – we will be more than happy to help you!