Hair loss in women is actually more common than a lot of people realise – maybe because it’s not highlighted in the media as much as male baldness is. Also, due to the fact that many women wear their hair a lot longer than men, hair loss is often a lot harder to identify.

When it comes to female hair loss, detection and prevention are the most important things to remember. Is women can recognise the signs, it’s much easier to stop it getting serious.

So how can you detect and prevent something that is seemingly hard to identify until later on in life?

Thinning Hair

Women rarely suffer with a receding hair line like men do, and they rarely go fully bald. Instead, women suffer with thinning of the hair. This is noticeable all over the scalp but definitely at the crown.

You should pay attention to this section of the hair for any signs of it looking or feeling a lot thinner than usual.

Look out for Excess Hair Loss

All women lose hair. In fact, it’s said that the average woman will lose up to 100 hairs per day! Although it sounds a lot – it’s normal to have hair shedding. However, if you start to notice excessive hair loss, this could be an early indication of hair loss.

Pay more attention to your pillow after a night’s sleep, or in the shower, or to the brush that you use often. It’s not as easy to tell from the shower, as a lot will get washed down the drain.

You Can Easily See Your Scalp

A good indicator of female hair loss is when your scalp starts to become a lot more noticeable. When you pop your hair into a high ponytail, or you pull it back from your face, can you see your scalp easily?  If so, then it’s definitely a sign that your hair is thinning.

Thinning also brings about the widening of the hair part. As hair loss progresses, you will start to notice that your hair part has gotten wider.

You Now Have to do an Extra Loop When Putting a Bobble in Your Hair

Anyone with thick and unruly hair will know the struggle that comes with tying the hair with a bobble without it breaking (the bobble that is). If you suddenly start noticing that the process has become a lot easier – you can now tie it three or four times over – this could be a sign that your hair has recently started to thin out.

Wearing a bobble too often can also result in premature hair loss – you should give it room to breathe sometimes.


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