Your hair is unique to you, and it’s one of the most expressive parts of your body too. It can be short, long, dry, oily, thick, thin… the possibilities are endless and, while you might think you know everything – or almost everything – about your hair, think again! There are many factors that determine its look and health, such as how some foods which can prevent hair loss, and there are also many more interesting and fun factors that you might not be aware of:




Your hair is more elastic than what you might think at first glance. When it’s wet, it can expand to 30% of its original length, which is so many of us are surprised at how long our hair actually is when we step out of the shower, compared to when we look at it during the day. Because of this, your hair is also strong and can support a lot of weight. Damaged hair reduces this strength, so make sure that you can improve it by taking care of your dry hair.



Some hair colours are more common than others, which is not surprising. There are only so many people with red hair in the world (around 1%, in fact!), while we tend to see many people with darker hair. Blonde is actually a close second in terms of rarity, and black is the most common one, followed by brown.

Colour also determines hair growth and loss, as even though the average number of hairs on a scalp is 120,000, blondes usually have more hair while redheads have less. This happens because blonde hair is typically finer than hair with a more dense pigmentation, so there’s more room on the same follicle!




Want to make your hair grow faster? While there’s not much you can do to accelerate this process, warm weather tends to stimulate circulation and encourage growth. But don’t think of moving to the sun just yet, as this increase is minimal.



You can’t identify gender by analysing hair, as both men and women’s hair are identical in terms of structure and growth cycle. Still, even though you can’t also determine gender by how long someone’s hair is, you can often, though not always, do it by colour, as approximately 75% of women dye their hair at one point in their lives.


Your hair is one of your most distinctive traits, and if you want tips on keeping it healthy, or if you’re looking to prevent or treat hair loss, get in touch with us today on 01618393769. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.