Get the Look: Top 5 Men’s Autumn Hair Styles You’ll Love

Alongside fashion trends, new hairstyles for both men and women are making their way onto the style-scene this Autumn. Summer is an exciting time for hair to flourish as long as you take care of it, but as the leaves turn colour and the weather gets chillier, our hair is affected also.

Whatever stress your hair has been through, DHI Manchester is here to tell you that with some TLC and the right treatment you are your hair can shine just as bright in the Autumn as in the Summer. Whether hair loss has affected your ability to keep in line with all the latest and greatest hair trends or you simply didn’t know what was top of the hairstyle ladder, we have solutions for you at DHI Manchester.

Take a look at our top autumn hairstyles for men, with details on how you can achieve them, and much easier than you may have thought.


  1. Short Back and Sides

This men’s hair style is easy to style and manage and overall is an easy style which will get you bang on trend as well as helping you and your stand out. No matter what the type of hair you have, it is a brilliant choice for all, as it can easily disguise any thinning hair and control thick locks as well as adding texture.

If you have experienced hair thinning or hair loss in the past this could be a great solution due to its coverage. It’s perfect for Autumn as you can opt for a slicked back look for a more formal occasion or keep it messy and still look stylish.  This is also super easy to style with the right products. Opt for a more matte paste or clay to position hair over patches which you aren’t so sure about.

  1. The Fringe

This style is the choice for the man who doesn’t mind getting some attention. By adding a textured fringe, you can really add some texture and dimension to your ‘do’, however if it is styled incorrectly it can give you a bad outcome, so make sure your stylist is an expert!

A little length at the front and short on the side.

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Many hair stylists will say to avoid this if you have thin hair, as you need a good amount of thick hair to achieve the best look. If you have experiences thin hair in the past it is advised to invest in a strong wax to style. However, if you have had a high-quality procedure of hair restoration, your hair should be on its way back. So, what better way to celebrate than to wear this super on-trend look?

  1. The Military Look

We are glad that this trend is making its way back this season, as it is an extremely minimal maintenance look, yet super stylish. This look has many variations, but the general idea is shaved sides and short top with minimal texture. However, you are still working with enough hair to style and add product.

Cut it short! Too short!!! Save all cost on hair products lol #hkboy #shorthair #militaryhair #fitness #underarmour

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The wonderful thing about this style is that there’s not a lot of styling you need to do, but it is sure to keep what hair you have strong and healthy. If you have recently gone through hair restoration and your hair is just beginning to make a comeback this could be the perfect option, as it’s still a great style and is right on trend for autumn. Be sure to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner as well as sticking to the correct aftercare pointers to make sure your military look is just right.

  1. The Man Bun

Recently this hairstyle has been taking the hairstyle scene by storm, and there’s plenty of men out there that are jealous of those sporting a man bun. While it may be a bit controversial, there are many ways it can work for you!

If you are concerned that you have had thin hair or hair loss in the past or have gone through hair restoration, this may seem out of your hair league! However, if you undergo a hair restoration process you should be able to be well on your way to this super slick look. To pull off this look you certainly must take care of your locks. Why not make the man bun your goal?

  1. Shoulder Length Hair

While in the past ten years it seemed that long hair for men was way off trend, it has certainly made its way back. Not only can you rock your hair in a man bun but by letting your hair down you can also be right on trend this Autumn!

Good or Not?

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This style works best for those with textured hair or curly hair as it creates a softer look and gives a more natural, relaxed style. Some added volume can’t go amiss with this one, so be sure to add some decent quality hairspray or wax products to give some extra life. After you are feeling like a superstar after your hair loss treatment, this is the perfect hairstyle to show the world you’ve still got it!

Here at DHI Manchester we are proud to offer a revolutionary hair restoration procedure, with a range of advanced hair transplantation techniques available so you can achieve the look you desire.

If you’ve ever dreamed of a long luscious look, our team at our Manchester hair loss clinic can help you get achieve just that.

Being Manchester’s premier hair plant clinic, we are actually achieving a 97% follicle survival rate which is double the industry average! Get in touch with our team now who will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have, or simply request an appointment with us. You’ll be on your way to a man bun in no time.