Get the Look: Top 5 Women’s Autumn Hair Styles You’ll Love

This season is bringing a whole new collection of new hairstyles topping the chart of women’s coolest Autumn hairstyles. You can forget about the long sleek look which we saw in Summer, along with natural curls and waves, as we welcome a completely new and distinct set of looks. Summer is an exciting time for hair trends, and it can seem like your locks are much easier to take care of, but as Autumn ascends on us and the weather gets much chillier, our ‘do’ is affected more.

Your hair may have been through some stress in the past, and you may have even gone through hair restoration, but DHI Manchester is here to take away the worries and help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted.

Here are our top 5 styles which are going to be bang on-trend this season, and how you can achieve them, no matter what you and your hair have been through.

1.Bold Pixie

This season, the particularly cool and edgy style of a pixie is going to be on top of the hair trends. Even with a super short crop, the wonderful thing about this style is that it does have great versatility. We’ve seen many celebs wearing the pixie cut, such as Zoe Kravitz who wears it slightly to the side and Katy Perry who wears it slightly longer and spikier.

This is how i sit , casually in a chair. ?

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If you have ever suffered from hair loss or are going through hair restoration, the pixie cut can be a great solution due to its surprising coverage. Your hairdresser will know what style of pixie will be best for you and your hair condition.

It is a fantastic way to get an instant pretty and feminine look and is also really low maintenance.

If you are currently suffering from hair loss the pixie cut can cut straight to an on-trend look which you will love while you research into hair restoration procedures near you.

2. Brave the Bangs

Every woman at some point in their life has either braved the fringe or even gone for it and got their dream cut! Sometimes a fringe can be a bit harsh for the face, but with this season’s trend, you don’t need to worry, as we are seeing a longer and finer fringe being popular. When cut well they can provide symmetry for the face. Plus, it’s also low maintenance.

If you have thin hair or your hair has been through hair restoration lately, this style is super! While you should at all costs avoid a heavy fringe, a light feathered fringe can add extra texture and the illusion of a fuller head of hair, while being a subtle style change.

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3.Blunt Bob Beauty

While this one definitely one of the cuts of the summer, it is set to spill right over into the top trends of Autumn, which is amazing news for anyone who has suffered from hair loss or has gone through hair restoration. A blunt cut is your best friend for hair thinning, as a strong weight line with a fresh blunt cut can give the hair a longer and fuller appearance. The hairdresser is essentially creating an illusion of length and volume. If you want to have the appearance of fuller and healthier hair this could the Autumn hair style for you.

The perfect hairstyle for any style- whether you wear a blouse and pants every day, or you are more of a jumper and jogger’s kind of girl, this one suits everyone’s fashion interpretation. Quirky to cool, girly to tom-boy, you can not only look ultra-chic but make your hair look its very best-…and right on trend.

4.Cool Girl Curls

Everyone has at some point dreamt of a full head of thick curls. We all want what we don’t have. Got straight hair? You probably want curls and vice versa. The great thing about this seasons trend of curls is that they are heading in a softer direction, being less tame. Does this mean we can just get out of bed and go? If so, we are all for this!

With more natural textures and lighter waves, this look is perfect for anyone who has had trouble with their hair thinning in the past, or even now. The volume which curls create can create the illusion of a fuller and thicker hairstyle. So good news if you have curls. The morning routine has no never been so easy!

However, if you are suffering from thinning of the hair, do not attempt to curl, perm or apply any heat to your hair to try and achieve curls, as this can cause more damage. You will need to go through the correct hair restoration procedure to be able to do this safely.

5.A Defined Parting

This one is taking it back retro. While we aren’t talking zig-zag partings or adding glitter to it, we are referring to a crisp and defined parting.

While it may seem like a difficult choice if you suffer from hair thinning, hair loss or are going through hair restoration, as it may show more than you would like, in fact, you can use it to your advantage and cover the areas you don’t want to show. Mix up where your parting normally is to cover what areas are thinning, or going through hair restoration for the time being. Be right on trend and slick that parting down whilst covering up!

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Whether you wear your hair up or down, adding a crisp middle parting or even a side or off-centre parting can help anchor the style and give it a clean and polished look. A top tip to create the straightest possible parting is to use a comb and do it quickly. Don’t overthink it!

DHI Manchester is a leading specialist in hair restoration in Manchester. We provide a revolutionary hair restoration procedure, meaning you don’t have to worry about tip-toeing around trends which you want to get involved in- you can be a trendsetter yourself!

If you’ve ever dreamed of having long luscious curls or even rocking a quirky pixie cut, we are proud to say we can help your dreams come true. Simply get in touch with our team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have or book you an appointment. Alternatively, you can request an appointment online. Those cool girl curls are not so ambitious as you thought.

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