Grooming can either be done very well and make you look smart and put together (which is vital if you’re getting married, for example!), or it can be done quite poorly to give an unkempt appearance. Getting it right, at least at first, can be a challenge for someone who has never put much thought into the process before. But, if you want to graduate from the ‘just rolled out of bed’ look then a grooming routine is a must-have.

But, before you can perfect a good grooming routine you need to know what to avoid in the first place…

So, what are the worst grooming mistakes that men make and how can they be avoided?

Going Wild

One of the worst grooming mistakes that can be made is poor upkeep. Allowing your beard, hair or even moustache to grow without any guidance from a clipper. A good beard is very fashionable right now, but a messy one is just in poor form. It can also make you look incredibly unprofessional at work – not to mention it may actually be against your company’s policy – so it is important to keep on top of it.

If it seems too much effort, it doesn’t have to be! A weekly go over with a trimmer is the perfect way to keep a messy ‘tache at bay. It will help you be more ‘dreamboat lumberjack’ and less ‘does he live in the woods?’

No Finesse

Of course, you may already have a tendency to trim your beard and moustache regularly. But, the results may be less than satisfactory. Patchy bears and a wonky moustache are, probably, worse than an unkempt one in the long run.

A guide comb and a second opinion is probably the best way to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Jungle Nose

What is an embarrassing sight that you may never actually see yourself? Unless you get up close and personal with the mirror on a daily basis, you might not realise that your nose hair is slowly creeping down your face. Sometimes it’s just best to check these things.

Never fear, a hairy nose isn’t the end of the world. It is, however, a sure sign that you do not groom yourself as thoroughly as you could. Luckily, there are trimmers specifically designed to help you keep these nosey stragglers at bay. It will cost you less than £10 to keep on top of this particularly grooming mistake – so, trim away today!

Thou Who Smelt It…

…dealt it. Way too much occasionally when it comes to cologne. If people smell you before they see you, then that is a grooming mistake that is mostly unforgivable. The solution? One or two sprays for the body, one spray for each armpit – moderation is key.

Do you want to stop the process of hair loss in its tracks and keep a well-groomed appearance? If you would like to know more, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.