Are you recently engaged? If so, you may have started to think about the wedding photos that will be taken on your big day. For men suffering from baldness or thinning hair, the prospect of being in the limelight for the whole day can be a little daunting. Rather than worry about how you’re going to look, why not take control and start preparing for your wedding in the months, weeks and days leading up to the day? Read on for a few tips on what to consider and take a look at our checklist to make sure you are looking your best – and that you avoid grooming mistakes that might not help!

Hair Restoration Treatments

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Of course, there are going to be hundreds of photos taken, and a huge number of those will feature you! If your hair leaves you feeling a little lacking in confidence, this is the perfect time to consider hair restoration treatments.

Not only will you be given a renewed sense of confidence for your big day, you’ll also look great in your wedding pictures that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

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Skin Treatments

You want to look your best on your wedding day, so making sure your skin looks great is part of the process. Whether you struggle with spots or not, developing a skincare regime in the weeks leading up to your wedding can go a long way to ensuring you look and feel fantastic when the day finally arrives.

Clean Shaven?

Have you thought about whether you will be clean shaven? Many grooms opt for a clean and tidy look, but if you have a beard, you may want to tidy it up a little. If you’re not sure what you want to do, why not ask your future spouse to see if they have a preference.

For a little touch of luxury, you could hire a barber to come and give you a professional cut on the morning of your wedding.

The Groom’s Grooming Checklist

In the months leading up to the wedding:

  • Consider hair restoration treatments
  • Start drinking more water
  • Begin a skincare regime

In the weeks leading up to the wedding:

  • Get your teeth cleaned at the dentist
  • Moisturise your hands daily
  • Why not book a massage to help relax before your wedding day?

In the days leading up to the wedding:

  • Cut your fingernails
  • Trim any stray nasal and ear hair
  • If you have unruly eyebrows, consider having a barber tidy them up

On the wedding day:

  • Hire a barber to give you a professional shave
  • Apply a special fragrance that will remind you of your big day
  • Getting married in the summer? Don’t forget suncream!

If you are considering hair restoration treatments before your wedding day, make sure to get in touch with us at DHI Manchester. We can book you in for a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your situation – you’ll even receive a free bottle of restoration shampoo. Read our blog about what to expect from a consultation for more information.

If you would like to find out more about any of our treatments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team by calling us on 0161 839 3769 or email and we will be more than happy to advise you further.