Hair loss is a common problem for a lot of men – at any age. While often associated with middle aged men it’s actually something that men as young as twenty have to come to terms with.

Some men want to avoid the fact that it’s happening, whilst others attempt to cling onto the little bit of hair that they have left. You can try a hundred different hairstyles in an attempt to cover the balding, or you can deal with the reality that it’s happening and take steps to adapt to the change.

If you can no longer deny the fact that your hair isn’t as thick as it used to be, we suggest you follow our advice for growing bald gracefully.

Accept That It’s Happening

The first step to dealing with hair loss is accepting that it’s happening. You can carry on attempting to pull off a hideous comb over that isn’t fooling anyone or you can admit that you’re losing your hair and try to come up with some solutions.

Assess your hair. How much do you have left? Is it worth shaving it all off or can you get away with a shorter hairstyle?

Find a Flattering Hairstyle

Baldness isn’t easy to hide, but there are several things you can do to take the attention away from it. Generally, men are advised to keep their hair short. This will make the baldness less obvious than a longer style would and conceal it to some degree.

If you’re not afraid to go short, shaving your head is the best option. This is definitely advisable for the men who are finding it impossible to hide the fact that their hair is quickly disappearing. A buzz cut is another option for those not quite ready to bare all!

Consider Growing a Beard

Have you cut off your hair or just lost most of it? Deflect from the lack of hair on your head by growing a beard. A little facial hair will draw people’s attention away from your scalp and back to your face.  It can also look really stylish – just remember to keep it well groomed!

Take Care of What Is Left

You need to take care of your exposed scalp and/or the hair that you do have left. You can do this by regularly moisturising the scalp and applying suncream. In the winter, you can cover up your hair by wearing hats – they will keep your head warm and disguise any thinning hair that you are embarrassed about.


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