Conducting life-changing direct hair implantation, we are often faced with a barrage of questions as to the cause of the individual’s hair loss. Unfortunately, sometimes it isn’t as easy as pinning it on one particular area or answer, but we can certainly aid you in discovering the potential root of the issue.

Natural Causes of Hair Loss

As discussed, the causes of hair loss can be varied, especially between genders. However one particular factor that can affect both males and females is stress. Both physical and emotional stress can exacerbate pre-existing hair loss conditions meaning that if you are experiencing stress, you could be increasing the rate at which you experience hair loss.

Women may also find that they are suffering hair loss during their pregnancy due to the trauma and distress that their body undertakes, although the effects of this may only temporary. However, when it comes to genes both sexes can suffer if there is a strong tradition of hair loss in the family, although males in particular may find that they experience hair loss due to male pattern baldness. This is commonly experienced in older men primarily due to a mixture of genes and male sex hormones, so keep a sharp eye on that receding hairline.

Physical Causes of Hair Loss

Where genes and various biological factors mean a person is essentially wired to be pre-disposed to experiencing hair loss, there are of course things that you may be physically doing which could exacerbate the whole process.

One common cause is through over styling of one’s hair. By this we mean it can be caused through the use of strong treatments, such as dying or bleaching, which eventually serves to weaken the strength of your hair. Another factor which can occur in the styling process is hair pulling. Although outside of hair styling, and its subsequent pulling, there is also a condition known as trichotillomania which causes sufferers to compulsively pull their hair. After an elongated period of time this can cause the trich sufferer to develop and create permanent bald patches.

Treatments for Hair Loss

The good news with regards to hair loss is that there is help at hand.  There are a number of treatments that we at DHI Manchester can undertake for you in order to boost and stimulate hair growth. Our direct hair implantation procedure works by harvesting the hair from a donor area of your body and transferring this to your scalp.

Equally our platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment helps to strength existing and boost inactive follicles. Alternatively, if you do not require a transplant or are unsuitable for more invasive techniques, we can incorporate micropigmentation, which is where we add small strokes of pigment to your skin, similar to the process of a tattoo.

So don’t threat. Our team at DHI are here to help you with any hair loss you may be experiencing, and through our unique and patent processes, your hair loss problems can be a thing of the past. To discuss our procedures and services with one of our expert hair loss specialists, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 839 3769 where we will be more than happy to help.