Spring leaves in a month and summer will bring what you have been waiting all year for: holidays! All is happiness and optimism when you have at least one free week ahead. Possible plans might include partying with your friends, exploring exotic countries, going to the beach…

But no matter how happy you feel thinking about your holidays, you might notice your hair is dull and sad. Why is that and how can you prevent it? Changing dietmight be an option, but we also bring you three tips to make sure your hair is ready to enjoy the summer!

Braid it

We know you love going to the swimming pool or the beach in summer – you have been waiting all year long to use that bikini! But the sad news is that chlorine and salt are the natural enemies of your hair. You will notice that after a day having fun with the waves or playing volley-ball in the beach your hair feels very dry. Not mentioning those strong winds at the seaside that create so many knots on your hair you might even consider – for just a second –going for the scissors!

Braiding is the perfect solution. First, because it maintains your hair under control and minimizes the exposure to the things that damage it. Second, it can look very chic – there are so many braid styles, you won’t get bored for the whole summer.

Hats, Scarves and SPF

Whenever you go out in summer and the sun is in its maximum glory, you probably cover your skin with sun-cream. Face, arms and legs are now safe… but have you ever thought about your poor scalp?

Yes, the scalp has very sensitive skin and it can also get burnt – and, as you can imagine, this translates into damage for your hair. Because covering your scalp with sun-cream is not a very good idea – actually, you should never try it – you have to get a bit creative here.

Hats might seem the most immediate option. They come in all sort of designs, so why not use them as accessories to complete your look? You can also be even more fashionable and experiment with scarves around your hair – they will also keep it under control! Finally, it’s always a good idea to switch up your part, to make sure it’s not the same bit of your scalp that always gets over exposed to the sun.

Conditioner Is Your Best Friend

What is the natural enemy of dry, lifeless hair? Conditioner – it will keep it moisturized so the sun doesn’t damage it as easily, and it reduces the risk of breakage when combing your hair. To make sure your hair keeps hydrated, let the conditioner act for at least 15 minutes – or if you have the time, a whole hour – before rinsing it out.

Another great tip is to keep a little bottle of moisturizing leave-in sun spray in your purse. You can apply it every morning before going out and also during the day. Your hair will be protected against UVA and UVB rays and, at the end of the summer, you will notice the difference!

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