(Women) Has Your Hair Been Damaged by Past Trends?

In past years, we have seen some hair trends we will surely never forget, and we have all probably been a part of one or two. While the 80s saw us rushing to get a perm and the 90s saw young girls putting crimpers on their Christmas wish list, the trends are still coming and going way into 2017.

It’s fair to say that ladies (and men as well!)around the world have been through some hair-dos and some hair-don’ts, and many of them have actually caused some damage to their hair.

Since we can remember, women have been putting products in their hair, applying heat to it and adding wild and wonderful colours. But what effect have these past trends truly been having on your hair and what damage have they possibly done?

hair been damaged

The Perfect Pony

Ever since the Barbie doll was seen with a slick ponytail, girls and women around the world have been scraping their hair back into the perfect pony tail.

However, believe it or not, they can be doing more harm than good when worn too often. Any hair tie, whether the constant use of a scrunchie through the 80s or a more modern elastic tie, can grip the hair too tightly and cause damage to it by pulling on your scalp.

Perhaps the worst of all the up-do trends is the tight bobble. Whether you wore it to the side through the 80s and back-combed it or wore a straight and sleek 90s pony, this style can cut into the hair shaft, eventually causing fraying, especially when done over and over again in the same spot.

While its fine to put your hair in a ponytail now and again, if done repeatedly it can become a problem. The same goes for buns too.

Give your hair some rest from past trends and let it down for a while!

hair been damaged

Long Perm Effects

The 80s; a time of video game arcades, Princess Diana, ‘Hammer Pants’ and one of the most iconic hair trends of all time. The perm.

Alongside big hooped earrings and boiler suits was the perm, which was the most crucial factor to the look of the 80s. However, perms have caused (and still do) plenty of damage to the natural state of the hair due to its harsh chemicals.

Perms can make the hair lose its elasticity and make it more brittle, fragile and more likely to break. Not only this, but a perm can even result in scalp damage that includes redness, itchiness, burning and even peeling of the scalp.

In the long term, dependant on your reaction to the perm, you might even have certain areas of your hair that are not able to grow back.

Even a small reaction to a perm not done properly can result in hair thinning, weakening and breakage, giving you a result far from what you imaged in your head.

hair been damaged

Turn up the Heat

We seem to rely on our straighteners to this day, as well as our curlers and other heated devices that give us the hair-dos we desire. We’ve gone from having a flick in the 70s to thin chopstick curls in the 80s, to crimping in the 90s and 2017, where we can’t seem to leave the house without applying heat.

While it may not seem like the damage is too obvious, especially when you use heat protection spray, straightening, curling and even hot hair drying causes damage to your hair, and years of it can have long-term effects.

Common side effects of excessive long-term heat are dryness and loss of moisture, making the hair look dull and frizzy. Excessive hair straightening or curling can even cause hair loss, especially if you decide to opt for a more permanent solution and get your hair chemically straightened or curled.

In the long term, the hair follicles become weak and hair fall will continue.

hair been damaged


In the past, we have seen beehives through the 60s and volume constantly increasing through the ages, even until now. Bigger tends to be better when it comes to hair. However, that little trick of back-combing comes at a cost.

While having big hair seemed worth the tugging of the brush, it won’t seem so worth it when you start seeing the effects it can cause.

If you continue to backcomb your hair repeatedly or have done so in the past, your hair can become increasingly loose and eventually break off. If you think about it simply, you are essentially tangling your hair on purpose.

The damage is actually done when you go to untangle it and you have to pull a lot, damaging your hair in the process.


hair been damaged

Past trends may be in the past, but the effects are still very much present and can affect the future condition of your hair. If you ever tried and tested some of these well-known past trends you may have caused damage to your hair that you might not even realise is there. Whether you had a perm, a ponytail or a big beehive, the chances are that you have some side effects from this hairstyle.

If your hair has been affected by past hair trends or you simply aren’t sure whether it has or not, you can get in touch with DHI Manchester, who are experts in female hair restoration.

At our DHI clinic in Manchester, we pride ourselves on having a 97% follicle survival rate, meaning that your damaged hair from past trends will be back in glorious condition in no time.