Some hair loss is perfectly normal. After all, everyone loses between 50 and 100 hairs every single day, regardless of their gender. Even if you’ve been noticing that your brush has a lot more hairs on it than it used to, or that the amount of hair that falls in the shower is higher now than before, you could just be shedding more than usual.

And we’ve already established that certain factors, like your diet, can affect the amount of hair that you lose, which just goes to show that shedding hair is a different case from actually losing it, since it tends to grow back.


Why You Could Just be Shedding More Than Usual

Some circumstances may cause you excessive hair shedding. These include losing a fairly large amount of weight (typically 20 pounds of more), giving birth (which can unbalance your hormones) and having a high fever. Everyday habits like having your hair tightly in a bun and excessive shampooing could also be contributing to this shedding, as could thyroid problems or lack of important vitamins.

Situations in which you feel a huge amount of stress can also contribute to temporary hair loss and, if you’re constantly under a lot of stress, this loss can be long-term. It doesn’t hurt to check with your doctor or a specialist, just to ease your anxiety, since remaining in such a state can contribute to the loss.


It’s a Cycle

Each hair follicle has a lifespan. It goes through a growth period for 2 to 8 years, and then undergoes a stage in which no hair grows. After the hair eventually falls, a new one begins to grow in its place. This is a normal process that happens to both men and women, which means that you might be shedding hair, but you can still see new hairs growing as well.

Permanent Hair Loss

So if you’re losing more than 125 hairs every day, then you’re merely shedding more hair than you’d normally do – for whatever reason – and the process is reversible. Once hair stops growing, however, that’s when both men and women begin to grow bald.

Pattern balding happens with age, because our hairs tend to become thinner and fall with no replacement waiting in line. In most cases with men, hair loss is hereditary and inevitable, while a much smaller number of women are affected by this type of baldness.


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