Do you spend hours of your time dreaming of Westeros? Is the best friend of your dreams a man named Tyrion? Well, here at DHI Manchester we can’t book you a one-way ticket to the land of dragons – but we can get your hair there. After all, if you should happen to land in the middle of Winterfell you want to be able to blend into your surroundings.


How can you get a hairstyle to rival your very favourite Game of Thrones characters? It’s all in the curls!


Jon Snow



A man of the Night’s Watch, protector of the realm and newly anointed King. The road has never been a smooth one for the brooding Jon Snow. But, his hair has always been on point throughout his struggles. From the depths of Craster’s Keep to the gates of Winterfell, those luscious curls have withstood dirt, snow and blood to form a luminous body of hair. This style obviously benefits from a naturally curly head of hair, but for those not blessed at birth with such attributes, it can be a tad harder. Luckily, Jon Snow moved from the free-flowing curls and took up the man bun standard in the past season of Game of Thrones. So, grow out your locks a little and tie back for a look worthy of the King in the North!


Be a Golden Lannister



Or do you aspire to be as ruthless as a Lannister? In that case, you cannot find a better style icon in that family than the one and only Jaime Lannister. He has seen a few hairstyles over the series, but he has never lost his head over it – only his hand – and has even sported a look that was more mud than hair for a short period of time. A dashing jawline is no doubt responsible for this look working. Short or long, the key to getting the Lannister look isn’t fully down to style. A lot of it is reliant on the way you flaunt it. Hold your chin up and remember to always pay your debts, it’s the Lannister way after all.


King Joffrey



Do you love to hate your favourite character? Is the delicious revenge that oozes from certain acts of evil just too good not to praise? Then the notoriously evil King Joffrey is the perfect style icon for your Westorosi ambitions. As blonde as the sun, with a perfect cut that helps to accentuate the golden glow of his stag-horned crown. Joffrey is a character that knows how to rock the hair accessories, so keep this in mind when you try and emulate him. The best way to do this is through a nice fringe, something that will help magnify your crown’s glory and make clear how important you are to the realm. The blonder, the better.


Helmet Hair



Having a bad hair day? Never fear, you can cover this up with a handy helmet. This is both practical and a very stylish option. It will help cover up a bad hair day, whilst also protecting your head from enemy blows of the sword and axe variety. Don’t emulate the heroes on your screen, who wander into battle with no protection on their most delicate of body parts. Be cautious, be safe and ultimately win the battle for the throne! This is the easiest style to pick up on this list; simply pick up a helmet and you are good to go!


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