Having dry hair can be upsetting, as it can easily become frizzy. Many people don’t like leaving the house with hair that looks like it wasn’t brushed, even if it was, so it can quickly become annoying to deal with such an issue. Dealing with dry hair can be unpleasant, then, mainly because you constantly need to handle it in a way that prevents breakage and, consequently, loss.

Why is Your Hair Dry?

There are many reasons as to why your hair is dry instead of greasy. Your scalp might not make enough oil to moisturise your hair, which leads to dry hair, while the opposite problem is having greasy hair because the roots work in overdrive and produce oil in excess. As people age, hair tends to get drier and, if not treated, it’s natural for the scalp to get itchy and even peel, leading to dandruff.

Other common factors of dry hair are over-shampooing (which can also lead to thinning hair), especially with harsh products that remove the hair’s natural oils, excess use of a hair-drier, using hair straighteners frequently, applying dyes, and many more. Weather conditions, such as extreme cold, can dry your hair very easily too.

How to Fix It

The simplest of solutions is to wash your hair less frequently, to allow it time to recover the oils it naturally produces. Mild shampoos can also help keep your scalp in good condition, as well as prevent damage to the roots, and if you follow this with a good moisturising conditioner you’ll see great results. You should always avoid products with alcohol too, in order to ensure that your hair doesn’t become drier.

Before using hair-driers or straighteners, you should protect your hair against the heat by adding products specifically designed for this, to minimise the risk of damaging the hair further. Another important element in fixing dry hair is to replenish the moisture you lose. You can do this by applying a mask of coconut oil, which has the added benefit of making your hair shiny and smooth and, therefore, healthier.


Repeated exposure to elements that damage hair, like harsh chemicals, can sometimes leave it permanently damaged, in which case it might be worth taking a look at other types of treatments to return your hair to what it used to be – especially because dry and brittle hair can, at times, be a symptom of hair loss.

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