Are you used to split ends and brittle hair? Taking care of your hair doesn’t just mean making sure you’re doing your best to prevent hair loss, such as improving your dietary habits, but also ensuring that your hair is not getting damaged! Damage can prevent you from seeing hair growth as well, as the hair tends to break off at the same rate that it is growing.

So, how can you prevent hair damage and ensure your hair is as healthy as it can possibly be?


Get a Haircut Often

It is crucial that you cut your hair often to avoid damage such as split ends. If you already have them, the only way to solve the issue is to cut the affected areas. Otherwise, split-ends will travel up the length of your hair, thinning it and breaking it. Hair products might take care of split ends temporarily, but they’re not a permanent fix.

Stop Messing with Your Hair

Are you guilty of manipulating your hair all the time? Whether it’s combing or styling it, for example, you might be causing it damage without even realising. While completely eliminating manipulation is not practical, as you still need to wash your hair and style it, you can still cut down the amount of damage it takes by ensuring you’re not going overboard with how much you touch your hair.


Try Drying Your Hair Naturally

Instead of relying on your faithful hair dryer everything you wash your hair, try foregoing it entirely and dry your hair naturally. It takes longer than just using a heat source, but it will cut down or eliminate the damage done by heat, which helps you to keep your hair healthier for longer. This also applies to heat styling tools, like flat irons.

In addition, make sure to moisturise your hair, to avoid it becoming too dry as time goes by.

Avoid Dyeing Your Hair Often

Chemical damage is one of the most common causes of hair damage, as it can drastically change its structure. While this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t dye your hair, it does mean that you shouldn’t do it often. Moisturisers and conditioners are your best friends when you dye your hair, so stick to a care routine to prevent hair damage.

Keeping your hair healthy means avoiding damage and, of course, repairing it as soon as you notice something wrong. Healthy hair is typically thicker and more flexible, so it might not become that thin or break off so easily.