The revolution of colour is here to stay in hair fashion, and there is nothing too strange or bright! Blue, pink, purple… you can experiment with all different colours instead of sticking to the usual brunette or blond.

Coloured hair can look amazing: it’s fun, different, and you might be very tempted to try it, even if it’s just for streaks. However, coloured hair usually requires bleaching, and this a chemical, very aggressive technique that – let’s face it – will damage your hair.

Fear not: if you want pink hair you can have it, as long as you accept the responsibility of having to take care of hair that is going to be very weak (especially at the beginning). But it doesn’t have to be a massive challenge; there are some tips that can help you to keep the colour – and healthy hair!


1. Bring The Proteins Back

Proteins are essential to hair as they form keratin that protects the follicle as if it was a shield. Bleach products destroy this protective layer and leave your hair totally exposed. The result? Hair becomes weak very quickly and prone to break.

Make sure your hair recovers from its protein loss by using special enriched shampoos and conditioners. Use them just when you really need to, as putting too many proteins in your hair will actually make it even weaker.

You can also use safe homemade remedies by making your own hair masks once or twice a week. You can use almost any ingredient that is known for its protein strength such as avocado, banana, coconut and olive oil, among others.


2. Forget About Washing Everyday

Yes, we know, you love starting your day with a nice shower, but if you want to keep coloured hair bright, you need to change the way you do some things – and this is no longer viable. First, the more you wash your hair the quicker you’ll lose the colour (and you’ll be tempted to dye it again). Second, shampoo products clean the scalp but actually dry the hair, so that is why using them every single day is very detrimental.

You can get used to washing your hair just twice a week – it requires a little getting used to, but the results are worth it! You can use dry-shampoos on the scalp those days you don’t feel confident leaving your house without washing your hair.

Also, when you’ve just dyed your hair, allow for at least 48 hours without washing it so the colour actually stays in the hair more permanently. Whenever you wash it, don’t forget to use a lot of conditioner as after being bleached, your hair will be drier than ever!



3. Keep Heat Away From Your Hair  

Flat irons and hair-dryers are bad for the hair, and that is a fact. But for bleached and coloured hair, they are basically deadly, so you need to hide them away from your lustrous pink hair. Instead, try using a different hairbrush to straighten your hair whilst you brush it. Also, get used to washing your hair in the evening so it dries during the night – and you don’t have to use the hair-dryer any more.

Your hair will actually recover quicker if you do this as you won’t keep damaging it but instead you’ll allow it to heal after an aggressive treatment.


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