A lot of men don’t pay much attention to their hair, not until it is too late. But, having a healthy routine is a great way to maintain the integrity of your hair. Healthy hair does not just happen and taking care of it is of paramount importance. If you want your hair to last a lifetime, not only do you need the right hair treatment, but you must also start to take care of it.

So, what is the best way to wash and maintain your hair to make it as full-bodied as possible?


How Often

A major question is how often you should do it in the first place. There are many different opinions on how often you should wash your hair, it also seems to differ widely depending on hair type and even gender. Typically, you should wash your hair when it becomes dirty. Over washing can leave you with dry hair, whilst not washing enough will leave it greasy and can even begin to smell if left too long. So, what is the perfect time period in order to maintain this careful balance? Most sources agree that three times a week – every other day – is the perfect way to keep your hair smooth and luxurious.


The Type of Shampoo


This is a hurdle that many fall at. Just because you may have shorter hair than your lady counterparts, or not depending on your hair style, doesn’t mean you should scrimp on the shampoo. One that is formulated for your hair type is essential to maintain a healthy head of hair. A formula that helps manage the grease, whilst contributing to the smoothness of your locks is the best choice.


Conditioner – Yay or Nay?


Many men forego the added nuisance of conditioner. However, it is a major component of caring for your hair and is a must. If you are serious about looking after your hair, then you must use conditioner. They help to keep your smooth and controllable. It also helps to reduce the dryness of your hair, imagine it as a moisturiser for your hair and you will never want to go without it again!

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