Have you ever wondered if hair loss is affecting your career in a negative way? Well, for actor James Nesbitt he has undeniable proof that this was the case. At least, he claims that a hair transplant was the new lease of confidence that he needed to get the better acting roles that he was craving. For him, the transplant was a huge success (and he’s not the only celebrity happy with his hair after a transplant!).

But, was the new lease of life simply part of his own growing self-esteem or did it actually change how people viewed him?

Growing Self-Esteem

Losing his hair was something which the 52-year-old Nesbitt had been struggling with for a long time. Indeed, simply looking back a decade it is easy to see that the actor experience severe hair loss during his 30s and 40s. Vanity had a part to play in wanting to replenish his lost hair, according to Nesbitt, but it was also as a result of his ability to land leading roles.

In terms of openness, Nesbitt has said that he knew people would notice the change, it was inevitable. Instead of being embarrassed he chose to be open about the procedure as he was in the public eye.

In the video below you can James’s amazing transformation, as well as a few other famous faces that have benefitted from a hair transplant procedure!



Does Hair Land You Better Jobs?

The experience of James Nesbitt leads to a rather leading question: does hair equal success when it comes to jobs?

Interviews are the key to job success, we all know this. A good first impression can be the opening of a door to a brand-new chapter in your career. Obviously, you dress your best and try to look as smart as physically possible. But, what do interviewers think of candidates that show an obvious thinning of hair? Well, it depends on how you handle the thinning process. A blatant disregard for your hair, i.e. it’s messy with or without hairless, tells the employer that you don’t care about yourself. So, why should you care about their business or the position you’re interviewing for?

Harsh? Probably, but many employers have hundreds of candidates for one job. Sometimes, small issues such as your hair can have a big impact on whether or not you get the job as an easy way to eliminate you from the process.

Do you want to stop the process of hair loss in its tracks and keep a well-groomed appearance that can get you the job of your dreams? If you would like to know more, you can book a free consultation and we can discuss your needs.