With summer’s arrival, it’s time for holidays and the chance to go to spend some time by the beach. However, it’s not all fun and games as, sadly, salty water and sun do not do any favours to your hair.

That said, this doesn’t mean you have to forget about surfing in Cornwall or enjoying a good swim in the open waters of the Orkney Islands – or about a fantastic time on Thailand’s beaches, if that’s where you are going this summer! Just make sure you still keep showing your hair that you care for it.

1. Clean Water

Salt water has many benefits for the skin; it reduces swelling and treats wounds… but its healing effects don’t extend to your hair! Hair fibres need to have some water molecules in to stay healthy and hydrated. Salt takes all the water away, leaving your hair extremely dry.

To fight these effects, make sure you clean your hair with fresh water as soon as you come out from the sea – just pour a bucket of water on it! Most of the salt will leave this way.


2. Reduce the Shampoo Usage

As soon as you arrive home from the beach, your first plan might be running into the shower to get rid of all those annoying sand grains between your toes… and to shampoo your hair, of course. However, keep in mind that shampoo cleans your scalp but also dries your hair a bit. Therefore, if you are going to the beach every day and you add the shampoo to the already drying effects of salty water, the results can be quite dramatic.

Try shampooing your hair just once or twice a week, whilst the rest of the days you simply rinse it with clean water.


3. Wear a Hat

Some men seem to believe that wearing a hat triggers baldness, but the truth is that the sun will also dry and damage your hair, so you should protect it. Plus, the hat will also prevent your scalp getting sunburned so, in the end, they are all advantages. Just make sure you choose a flattering hat!


4. Condition Your Hair before Swimming

Conditioner – whether a manufactured brand or natural oils such as coconut oil – will always act as a protective shield for your hair. Before you go into the sea, you can apply a bit on your hair to make sure it doesn’t absorb as much salt. However, don’t forget to check that the conditioner you are using doesn’t have any toxic elements that can be dangerous to the sea life.


5. Eat Well

Yes, we know, you are on holiday, but that is no excuse! Hair needs nutrients to keep it looking shiny and healthy. In fact, there are certain foods that can help prevent hair loss, such as tuna (it includes iron), eggs (sulphur), chickpeas (zinc) and beans (protein).


Going on holiday soon? Don’t forget about taking care of your hair – especially if you plan to swim in the ocean. Fear the effects of hair loss?  Here at DHI Manchester we understand how important this is for you, and that is why we have highly effective treatments such as PRP therapy and micropigmentationContact our expert team today and they will be delighted to help!