Don’t get scared of long words like this one, because it can help you to overcome one of your biggest fears: the loss of hair. Despite the fact it’s a very common issue, we understand how stressful it can be. Just seeing your hair thinning is slowly making you feel less confident. You search for solutions, and micropigmentation can be the right answer.


What does it do?

Basically, micropigmentation improves the appearance of depth and thickness of your follicle growth. This means that your hair will seem more abundant and it will also cover any smooth patch.


Who needs it?

It can suit very different profiles. For instance, if your hair has started thickening it will be an effective solution without the need of resorting for a transplant. If the transplant has already been done, micropigmentation will support its effects to make it last longer. It is also a good resource for people who, for whatever reason, are unsuitable for a transplant, as this technique is not as invasive. Of course, feel free to contact our team of experts to discuss your particular situation and find out if this is the best method for you.


How is it done?

The micropigmentation process is very similar to that one of getting a tattoo. Our hair technicians will add small dots of pigmentation to your skull. These can be applied to areas with thin hair to create the illusion of density. If they are set on smooth areas, they will resemble a close shave. Micropigmentation can help cover scars and any other imperfections on your scalp, so at the same time you finally get rid of things that might have been bothering you for a lifetime.

At DHI Manchester we’ll provide you with your exact hair colour and we’ll add several shades to it to make sure the finish result looks as real as possible. You can also choose your own hairstyle with this technique: whenever you want a soft or more defined hairline, our skilful practitioners will achieve your ideals.



Micropigmentation is an easy and quick solution that also has semi-permanent effects, and we guarantee it will last you a minimum of 2 years. The best thing about micropigmentation is that it looks absolutely real: especially when it’s done so that it resembles a close shave, nobody will tell the different between the smooth patches and the real hair.


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