Having thick, full eyebrows has become a fashion statement in recent years – the bushier the better! The shape of our eyebrows has undergone some tweezing and tampering over the years, though, as it used to be the trend to pluck them as thin as they could go!

We’ve all been guilty of making a few fashion faux pas with our brows, but to get that fuller Cara Delevingne look that everyone’s after, it might be best to follow a few pointers to make sure your eyebrows always stay on point.


Sometimes when we sit down to give our eyebrows some TLC, we start tweezing away to the point that when we step back from the mirror, we’ve got nothing left. This often happens when we’ve let our brows grow and grow out of control until we finally decide to take a stand, which is when we tend to overdo it.

Once you get the shape you want, perhaps after seeing a beautician, it’s better to pluck any stray hairs that appear every few days or so, so that you’re always keeping them neat and tidy and have more idea of the shape you had to begin with.


Every Angle

There are certain myths about shaping your eyebrows which speculate that you should never pluck from the top of your brow. Tidying at the top will stop your brows looking messy and unkempt, and contributes to the final shape just as much as plucking below. However, it’s important not to get carried away and pluck so high that you end up receding your own hairline!

Quality Tweezers

Before you start plucking away, it’s important to make sure that your tweezers are in good working condition. If you’ve had them a long time or they’re a cheap pair, then you might find that they’re not doing the job properly because either the ends don’t connect properly or they don’t have a fine enough point to pluck single hairs. Also ensure that they’re clean before you start, so that bacteria won’t find its way into little accidental nicks along the way.


A Closer Look

It’s better to use the magnified side of your vanity mirror if you have one, because this will help you to locate the finer hairs that fall under the radar with a standard mirror. This will avoid the growth of your eyebrows getting ahead of you and again will help you to maintain shape.

If you’ve undergone eyebrow restoration treatment, you might find these tips helpful to help maintain your brow hairs as best as possible. We offer this treatment as part of our services at our hair clinic in Manchester, so if you have thinning brows or are experiencing hair loss, get in touch with DHI Manchester at 0161 839 3769 for any enquiries that you may have. Otherwise you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.