You might have noticed the new trend amongst male hair-doers, and it’s that trend that people either love or absolutely hate – the top knot. But new studies have suggested that whatever your personal feelings are toward the style, you should advise anyone against them as they pose a serious hair health risk.

Sported by such big names as Jared Leto, Leonardo Di Caprio and Paul Kaye, experts have warned that this hair style will lead to permanent hair loss which is good news for no-one.

Anyone sporting the ‘man-bun’ look puts themselves at risk of traction alopecia, a condition which causes bald spots to appear – usually around the forehead and temple. The cause for this is that the hairstyle causes heavy pulling strain on the roots, which causes them to become damaged over a long period of time and the hair will cease to grow.

Last week, a dermatologist from Mississippi, Sabra Sullivan, spoke out about the increasing number of men that were going to see her with the condition. She said that, “Traction alopecia is mechanical damage to the hair root. Over time, you lose hair along the hair line and down the sides of the face.

‘The problem is if hair is tightly scraped back, all the time, every day, it puts long-term stress on the hair.

The follicle is pulled – creating tension along it and down to the root, damaging the root and pulling it out.

‘It’s just like plucking an eyebrow hair – if you clasp it between the tweezers and pull hard enough, it comes out. And eventually, if you keep plucking it, it won’t grow back.

‘Sufferers are left with a hair-band type shape of alopecia around their face.’

But it’s not just men that are at risk of this irritating problem, women also risk getting it too when they have their hair tightly scraped back for the famous ‘Croydon Facelift’ style

At this point, you probably want to know some good news – oh yes, there’s some good news. Well, although this problem has got more sufferers than it ever has before, traction alopecia is still relatively rare, even if you do sport a ‘top knot’.

But as experts in hair transplants in Manchester, we would recommend staying clear of this hair style, just to be on the safe side.

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