Should You Have a Hair Transplant When You’re Young?

You might believe that only people over a certain age need hair transplants to regain a full head of hair. However, young people also have hair transplants. After all, while the average age for male pattern baldness varies and depends on genetics, it can begin as early as fifteen years old (with thinning hair or receding hairline).

It’s believed that hair loss increases with age, though, and that by 20 years old, 20% of men will have some visible hair loss and, by age 50, 50% will have noticeable loss. This means that some men can start losing their hair by their mid-twenties which, understandably, causes stress and worry.

But, should you opt for this procedure when you’re still very young or should you wait a bit longer?

Hair Transplant at an Early Age

Some men choose to undergo a hair transplant when they’re still young. It gives them a boost of self-confidence and allows them to enjoy life in a different way.

Hair loss doesn’t follow a specific set of rules. Some men see their hairline receding by the time they reach 20 and yet it remains stable until they’re 70 or 80; others might have a full head of hair until they’re 35 and then, suddenly, lose their hair in the next few years.

If you start losing your hair very early (late teens or early twenties, for example), you should first look into dietary changes and medication that can help delay hair loss. While this isn’t a cure, it can help to postpone the need for a transplant.

For many, though, spending your twenties worried about hair loss and ashamed of something you have no control over is not healthy, which is another reason why they opt for hair restoration at such an early age. In addition, constant stress contributes to hair loss, so worrying about it can actually speed up the rate at which your hair is falling. With a transplant, your hair will regain its former glory and you won’t have to hold back on social interactions for fear of people noticing your thinning hair.

When Should You Have a Transplant?

However, even though there is no set age to get a hair transplant, it is also crucial to wait until a more noticeable hair loss occurs, which might be in your late twenties, early thirties.

You can be too young for a hair transplant.

This is because you might risk ending up with isolated patches of hair after getting the transplant, seeing as the transplanted areas will be permanent and the rest of your hair won’t. This won’t be a natural look and might make you feel more self-conscious!

You might want immediate results, but you’ll be glad you didn’t go for it when you’re in your late teens or early twenties. You don’t have to wait until you’re 50 years old to get your transplant, but waiting until the hair loss stabilises might be a good idea that is likely to yield the best results.


There’s nothing to prevent you from getting a hair transplant when you’re young, although it’s also important to consider than hair loss doesn’t happen all at once and you might be making it worse but opting for this procedure when you’re barely out of your adolescence.

We have many years of experience with hair loss treatments in Manchester, so we can discuss the right age for a transplant with you. Just get in touch today and a friendly member of our team will be more than happy to help.