You usually see a lot of older people that have started to lose hair due to aging and, if you’re a man, it’s common to expect your hairline to start receding. But sometimes our bodies play tricks on us, and you might find your eyebrows thinning out. There are easy steps to check to make sure that you aren’t losing more hair than you should, and they are helpful for both men and women.

Eyebrows are a key feature of your face; you would think your eyes or your mouth would stand out the most, but your eyebrows serve a very important role. They filter any potential dust or sweat that might head for your eyes, andthey help you express your emotions.




What is Eyebrow Restoration?

Losing eyebrow hair can be directly linked to the simple aging process that makes your hair thinner and morelikelyto fallout and not grow back. There are, of course, other reasons for this type of hair loss: trauma burns, radiation and chemotherapy, autoimmune or other medical conditions, or Trichotillomania, where there is obsessive compulsive plucking of hair.

You might not be sure what hair treatment is best for you, but if you’re finding your eyebrows aren’t looking as they should, then an eyebrow restorationcan bring them back to their old self. This medical procedure is simple and easy; it consists of transplanting hair follicles, usually from the back of the head, to recreate the natural and protective function of the eyebrow.


Do you want to know how easy this process is?

– Our highly skilled doctor has a consultation with you to assess your individual needs and eyebrow symmetry.

– There is an assessment of the follicle graft needed, and the doctor counts how many hairs they will need to fill the eyebrows.

– The hair graft is extracted from the donor area and placed on the eyebrow area.

– Your new eyebrows grow for a lifetime!


How Can I Benefit From it?

Someone without their natural eyebrows might feel very conscious of their appearance, causing self-esteem issues and anxiety. Our eyebrow restoration treatments provide you with a natural looking eyebrow, to bring back your confidence of face-to-face conversations. You will be able to have perfectly shaped eyebrows that frame your face symmetrically, accentuating your features.




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