If you’ve decided that you want to give your hair a hand by promoting healthy growth, it’s important to choose a treatment which is right for your needs. To help you make an informed decision, we’re going to put a spotlight on the popular ‘PRP Therapy’ – read through all of the key details and benefits below!


Just the Facts


– PRP Treatment is appropriate for women with class 1, 2 and 3 hair loss and men with hair loss in any of the classes from 1 through to 6. Not sure how your hair loss would be categorised? Check out our handy classification chart here.


– PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy – which refers to the process of using platelet rich plasma taken from the blood to stimulate the affected area (more on this below!)


– This is a non-surgical procedure involving injections, making for a quick recovery period compared to surgical alternatives.


– PRP can be used alongside hair transplantation to assist with healing and growth.


A Simple Four Step Process


One of the primary benefits of choosing Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is how simple and pain-free the process is. We will take a small sample of your blood, and then extract the useful bits (the platelet rich plasma).

We then use the process of centrifugation to increase the concentration of platelets, and mix in some more key ingredients: DNA activators and calcium ions. Finally, your blood platelet rich blood is injected back into the damaged area, ready to start stimulating growth.


What is Platelet Rich Plasma?

If you’re not a biologist, one of the mysteries surrounding this treatment might be what platelet rich plasma actually is.

Platelets are found naturally in your blood, where they have a vital role to play: they are responsible for clotting, and also contain ‘growth factors’ – proteins which assist in the healing process.

For PRP therapy, we increase the amount of platelets in the blood, using the method outlined above – making for platelet rich plasma which has more regenerative power.


More You Want to Know?


This covers the basic principles behind PRP therapy, as well as some of the key therapies that might make it the perfect choice for you. If you want to know more about how PRP could work for your own personal circumstances, however, we recommend getting in touch with the team today!

In the mean time, find out how to cope with your thinning hair before getting treatment by taking a look at our handy guide – we hope you find something that helps.