Concerned about hair loss? Then you probably know that the continuous use of hair bands is linked to traction alopecia. Buns and other similar hairstyles can be very practical and fashionable, but, sadly, they don’t do any favours to your hair’s health. That is precisely the reason why many professional ballet dancers suffer from alopecia at the end of their careers.

Considering all this, why not substitute your hair bands with bobby pins? They can achieve mostly the same results without being so aggressive with your hair. Yes, we know, bobby pins can be very frustrating. They seem to never stay in place, they fall off in the most inappropriate moments and, no matter how many of them you put in, your hair style is ruined in a few hours.

But the question here is, are you using those bobby pins correctly? Here we bring you three top tips that will change your relationship with them… for the better!


1. Store Them In Old Tic-Tac boxes

When you buy bobby pins they come all together and in pristine condition, but as soon as you start using them, it’s chaos! Because they are so little and slender they tend to virtually disappear in front of your eyes – and they never seem to be there when you need them. Instead of getting mad looking everywhere in your bathroom when you need just one more bobby pin to complete your look – and your watch tells you you’re already late for that special date – try to store them all together. Tic-Tac boxes are perfect because they are transparent – so, with several of them, you could organise your bobby pins by colours. Plus, you’ll be taking just a few pins at a time and things will remain under control.


2. Use Them the Right Way

Most bobby pins have two sides: one of them is completely straight and the other is grooved. Whenever you use them, you’re putting the grooved side on top, is that right? Well, then you’re using them wrong! The grooved side should be down as this is actually what keeps the bobby pin in place. Try it and you’ll notice the difference immediately!


3. They Can Be Invisible

If you use them properly, bobby pins will become your best friends. There are so many things you can do with them: you can secure the end of a casual braid without anyone noticing, they can be hidden behind your ears to create more volume in your loose hair… and these are just few of many choices! To make sure they always remain where you want try to catch just the twisted end of your hair instead of the whole. It really makes a difference!


Here at DHI Manchester hair is our obsession. We want you to help you keep it healthy so you feel confident with yourself wherever you are. Traction alopecia is indeed quite common – especially among women. Do not panic about it thinking that its results are not reversible, because we have the last technology in our company to implement techniques that will help you combat it. That is why we offer a wide variety of hair restoration treatments. We know, though, that each case is unique, so feel free to contact our expert team at any time, and they will be delighted to help you.