The Mentality Behind a Combover

Here at DHI Manchester, we have seen our fair share of hairstyles and methods of dealing with hair loss. One which we are seeing more and more of is the combover. An interesting construction of healthy hair arranged, often in complicated ways, to cover the area most affected by the balding process.

This may be a hairstyle that many associate with ageing politicians, but it is becoming more noticeable in the wider world thanks to modern photography and social media. So, one very important question remains: why?


Some of the mentality that goes behind the dreaded combover is the need to preserve what little hair you may have left. For some, it is the belief that not all of the hair is gone so it’s not as bad as being bald. However, in most cases, a come over can actually bring more attention to your balding status than allowing the patch to show would. It’s an instinct to preserve what you don’t want to lose, but it is an instinct that leads to the dreaded combover.

But, why preserve something that can simply be replenished? A combover may preserve your hair in the short term – the very short term – but as your symptoms persist it merely begins to look odd. Having a hair transplant does not sweep your healthy hair over the bald spot, it moves it directly to this spot and allows for a much more realistic replenishment of hair. The ultimate preservation technique!


For others, it may be a case of taking a leisurely trip down the Nile. They do not want to admit that their hair is thinning, instead preferring to hold onto their youth in a slick combover. Of course, this may work in the initial hair loss cycle. But as the patch begins to grow it becomes harder and harder to cover up with combover techniques.

Unfortunately, denial is the most common reason behind this much-ridiculed hairstyle and not one that you should have to face. A hair transplant can negate this feeling of shame that fuels the denial surrounding hair loss.

Popular Culture

Of course, one of the most important men in the world is currently sporting a combover. President Donald Trump has one of the most infamous and complicated combovers known to man. But, does the most powerful man in the world sporting a combover make it okay for everyone else to? Maybe, but just because politicians enjoy this hairstyle doesn’t mean you have to suffer alongside them.

Any hair loss can be replenished, not covered by a puzzling layer of hair as the leader of the free world seems to believe.

If you’re ever unsure as to which procedure is best for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Losing your hair needn’t feel like the end of the world, nor the start of a combover; there are methods and treatments that can serve to solve the problem completely if you desire. And our experts are always available to help appease your concerns, simply book a free consultation and we will be able to discuss your needs with you.