The loss of hair is not a pleasant experience. It is something that many worry over, causing a number of psychological issues due to the loss of hair. These can vary in severity, but they almost inevitably impact the person suffering from hair loss in some form.

There are many unique ways that you might be affected by hair loss. But, what are these main psychological issues surrounding hairless that can affect you on a daily basis?

Concerns of Age

The first concern that will hit you is, almost inevitably, the idea that the hair loss signals the loss of youth. The fear is that balding is an immediate indicator to people that the person experiencing it is older, as a full head of hair, is an indicator of youth on a more general level. It is this immediate association with the loss of youth that makes losing your hair a troubling psychological issue.

Lack of Style

A further fear of hair loss is the idea that less hair equals less style. Having a fabulous aesthetic with your clothes, but having thinning hair to accompany it is not a look that most people want to be presenting to the world. Thus trying to mask this issue takes more time and effort than would be preferable. Ultimately, a loss of hair results in a feeling of less style and more energy being poured into trying to rectify this issue.

Low Self-Esteem

One of the more serious side effects of hair loss is the corresponding loss of self-esteem. It is undeniable that outward appearances are one of the cornerstones of high self-esteem, if you feel good on the outside then you are more likely to enjoy a more positive body image which translates directly to self-esteem. Hair loss can lead to a sharp reduction of this inner feeling as a result. Making people feel less confident, less desirable and overall down about their appearance.

Hair loss can also have a vastly different impact on self-esteem depending on the person. Someone may be rather blasé about it, whilst it may severely knock another person’s confidence and cause a new level of shyness to arise that did not exist previously. This is particularly prominent in women who suffer hair loss, as they typically become more emotionally and psychologically stressed by a loss of hair.


Hair loss can be a source of personal embarrassment for many people. Friends, family and even co-workers can feel it is appropriate to tease a person that is suffering from hair loss. This is good-natured for the most part but it can cause a level of embarrassment for the person afflicted. This can then have a repercussion on the individual’s social life as they fear further embarrassment. This may result in people avoiding social activities – perhaps not even consciously – as they let the embarrassment overtake.

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