Top Dos and Don’ts with Transplanted Hair

Hair transplants can be very beneficial to your confidence, allowing you to feel and look younger. This boost of confidence and self-esteem can transform your social and personal life, and many men opt to have this minimally invasive treatment to restore their hairline. Similarly to other treatments, you need to take several precautions to ensure the best possible healing.

Transplanted Hair


DO: Take Care to Keep Your Scalp Clean and Dry

This applies to both before and after the hair transplant. Keep your hair clean from hair gel and other products before your procedure to ensure that no complications arise. After the treatment, make sure to gently clean the treated area to avoid damaging the hair follicles. Don’t place your head directly under the showerhead; wash your hair very gently for the first few days so that the healing process isn’t interrupted.


DON’T: Smoke Before and After Your Transplant

Smoking before and after your treatment can interrupt the blood flow to the hair follicles and greatly impact how you heal. Blood flow is what promotes the growth of new hair, and not smoking can help you to ensure the healing process goes faster. You can reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke a day so that you don’t stop smoking abruptly, and promote your blood flow for a smooth treatment.


DO: Elevate Your Head at Night

Particularly important for the first night after the transplant, make sure to have a few extra pillows in your room so that you can sleep in a semi-upright position. This will help to reduce the possibility of excess swelling in your scalp and it will also help to prevent any hair growth disruption by stopping you from rubbing the grafts on your pillows.

Transplanted Hair


DON’T: Be in Direct Sunlight

Exposing your treated area to sunlight won’t help it heal properly, particularly if still swollen. In addition, sweating could increase the risk of an infection developing on your scalp. You should avoid strenuous activities and visiting the sauna or pool. Protecting your scalp in the first days, in particular, will provide you with a transplant result that lasts longer.


DO: Follow Your Doctor’s Advice

Our doctors are specialists with many years of experience, and they know how to perform the transplant and how to take care of it. Follow any advice given to the letter to prevent infection and to ensure that your grafts heal as they should.


DO: Think of What to Wear on the Day

It may seem like an insignificant thing – and quite easy to forget – but wearing a t-shirt won’t be comfortable on the day. It can be a cumbersome experience to try to put on a t-shirt over your head after the procedure, so make sure to wear a buttoned shirt so that you can easily get dressed.

Transplanted Hair

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