Female Hair Restoration and Treatments in Manchester

Our DHI clinic in Manchester prides itself on conducting the most advanced female hair restoration, treatments and techniques available. Through implementing our  patented method of transplantation we can provide each and every one of our customers with guaranteed natural results enabling lifetime follicle growth. We understand the importance of natural looking hair transplantation, as anything other is too apparent and no longer subtle, which can lead to not only dissatisfaction, but embarrassment. We are committed to achieving only the most realistic and natural of results to provide you with the follicle-confidence you not only desire, but deserve.

Manchester’s Premier Female Hair Restoration Clinic

Through the limitation of human intervention on each extracted hair, our hair specialists are able to achieve a staggering 97% follicle survival rate, which totals more than double the industry average. As such, we can proudly and confidently claim to be the number one clinic conducting reliable female hair treatments in Manchester with an unsurpassed record for successful female hair restoration.

Our unrivalled techniques are conducted through the use of no stitches, scalpels or even strips – incorporating only the use of sterile disposable instruments. As such, we can help to prevent infection and encourage a greater and faster speed of healing and follicle growth; time is of the essence not only when conducting our female hair treatments in Manchester, but when it comes to our customers seeing the results.

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By simply contacting one of our friendly team of trained hair professionals today, you are taking the largest step towards achieving the confidence than can be equated with a full head of hair. So to receive further information on our treatments and how our female hair restoration in Manchester can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form or on 0161 839 3769 where you can book your FREE, no obligation consultation today.

The Method

Extraction phase

Hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area, using a specifically designed disposable tool with the diameter of 1mm or less.

The follicles are then placed and kept at temperature in a solution that enhances their development after placement. This is done without separating, cutting or generally handling the grafts.

Placement phase

The hair follicles are then implanted directly into the region suffering from hair loss using a patented tool – the DHI Implanter – which also has a diameter of 1mm or less. This is all conducted without prior creation of holes or slits.

Natural result

Full control of the depth, direction and angle of the placement of each graft ensures a 100% natural result with maximum viability as well as providing you with a confidence that the implanted hair will never fall, growing for a lifetime.