Micropigmentation Treatment in Manchester

The micropigmentation treatment conducted in our Manchester clinic is ideal for those patients who may find that they simply do not necessitate the implementation of a transplant or are actually unsuitable for more invasive techniques of generating or promoting hair growth.

At DHI we understand that any form of hair loss can be distressing and, at very least, can result in a lack of confidence as well as causing distress. As such, our MPG treatment helps to provide those customers, who may prefer less invasive methods, with a range of options to help improve the appearance of depth and thickness of the individual’s follicle growth and presence.

What is Micropigmentation Therapy?

Our micropigmentation therapy in Manchester is similar to that of a tattoo in that our trained hair specialists begin by adding small strokes of colour pigmentation to the patient’s scalp. Through carefully building up the colour on the individual’s scalp, we can help to improve the colour depth and create an illusion of density that would otherwise previously be lacking. The MPG method can be applied to areas of thin or thinning hair as well as being used on smooth areas to create the appearance of a close shave.

The Importance of Micropigmentation Treatment

Our MPG method can also be used in conjunction with a hair transplant. In doing so, we serve to support and further the effects of the transplanted hair by giving your hair the illusion of greater thickness, depth and growth. Whilst the results of our Manchester micropigmentation treatment can be considered ‘semi-permanent’, it is guaranteed to last a minimum of two years, meaning you can experience the benefit of the results of our micropigmentation solution for years to come.

Also, part of undertaking our carefully applied micropigmentation treatment in our Manchester clinic, is guaranteeing the correct hair colour; a slightly different shade risks compromising just how real and natural your hair will appear post-therapy. As such, our highly trained practitioners take every care and consideration when selecting the appropriate hair colour for the MPG therapy.

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