Micropigmentation Treatment in Manchester

You may be looking for a treatment to promote your hair growth yet may find that more invasive methods are not appropriate for you, or the implementation of a transplant may not be necessary. For these patients, we would recommend micropigmentation (MPG) treatment as an alternative option.

Here at DHI Manchester, we take a considered approach with our patients, understanding how distressing hair loss can be for the people we see. If your hair loss has resulted in a lack of confidence, we can help you improve the appearance of your hair by increasing the depth and thickness by improving follicle growth and presence.

The Basics of Micropigmentation Therapy

The process of micropigmentation has similarities with that of tattooing in that you will receive small strokes on your scalp that contain the colour pigmentation. Through this method, we are able to increase the colour depth, forming the illusion of density by building up the colour step by step. It is suitable for areas where the hair is just starting to thin, but it can also be applied to smooth areas, where the result is the appearance of a close shave. The micropigmentation therapy offers semi-permanent results, which means that it should last a minimum of two years.

Additional Treatments to Micropigmentation

Although the MPG treatment can be used alone, it can also be used in combination with a hair transplant. The idea behind this is that the micropigmentation would provide a boost to the appearance of transplanted hair, offering more depth, thickness and growth. In order to benefit fully from this treatment from our Manchester clinic, our highly trained practitioners need to assess your natural hair colour in order to select the most suitable type. Selecting the correct shade of hair colour will ensure your new hair appears as real and natural as possible after your treatment.

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