Ways to Style Your Hair After a Hair Transplant

Hair restoration and transplants are a successful method of restoring thinning hair or hair loss, and the effects can leave you beaming with confidence. These advanced techniques can be truly life changing to many, and the natural results enable a lifetime of future hair growth.

At DHI Manchester, our hair implants and restoration procedures achieve an average of 97% follicle survival rate. If you’ve had a hair transplant recently, you may find you are still adapting to your new look and find yourself not knowing exactly how to style your hair.

If you’re struggling for hairstyle ideas, we have compiled a list of different hairstyles and how to style your hair after having a hair transplant (you should always wait at least 3 or 4 weeks before cutting your hair):

Textured Curls

This hair style is very simple to maintain, and it fits the shape of the face extremely well. If you have let your hair grow, you can create a messy look on top which can result in your hair transplant looking even more natural, and with the help of some hair products, you can keep the appearance of your style in place all day long.

The Caesar

If you opted for a hair transplant on the crown of your head, this style is ideal for the rounder hair line. Named due to the similar style of the famed Roman Emperor, this style allows you to keep your hair short, which is perfect for men who have just undergone a hair transplant. A trimmed beard accompanied with this style improves the look and your self-esteem. The Caesar hairstyle has also been voted number two in the top 10 short men’s hairstyles of 2017.

Comb Over

This comb over hairstyle has been a popular choice for men, and it is one of the easiest and quickest looks to achieve. It differs from other combovers which are used to disguise baldness, as after your procedure your hair will feel much fuller. It doesn’t require much attention to create, and it’s easy to do after your treatment. This can be achieved with or without a hairdryer by using a comb to brush or sweep your hair to one side.

Slick Back and Sides

This look is one of the most popular men’s hairstyles of today, and is incredibly easy to create, with minimal effort required. The slicked back look is ideal for men who have recently undergone a hair transplant and are looking for a popular style to create due to the minimal strain it puts on your hair. Using hair products, you can pull the hair back and let it fall to one side, depending on the position of your parting.

Brushed Up

The brushed-up look is a hugely popular trend and hairstyle at the moment, and it is easy to create too. With a hairdryer, brush, and hair products, you can have your very own brushed-up look. All you need to do is aid your wet hair with a brush whilst drying, which is great for short hair and perfect for those who have recently had a hair transplant.

Hairstyles are a great way of learning new techniques; however, it is important to learn several styling tips after receiving a hair transplant procedure. This helps to maintain the healthy look of your hair, keeping it looking fresh. Here are some styling tips to help you achieve a fantastic finishing look:


After undergoing a hair transplant procedure, it is advised not to shampoo your hair immediately after to avoid irritating your new grafts. A mild formula or baby shampoo is great to use as it doesn’t contain any additives or harsh detergents which can cause irritation.

Heat Treatments

For the first week after the procedure, it is best to let your hair dry on its own, as a hair dryer can damage hair follicles as they heal. After this time, when you resume your regular styling routine, ensure any heating treatments are used at a low setting.

Hair Products

Popular hair products such as hair spray, mousse, or gel can still be used after allowing yourself to recover from your surgery, which will take around two weeks. Mousse is a helpful product to use after a hair transplant, as it creates volume and gives your hair a fuller appearance.

If you’ve recently undergone a hair transplant procedure, you can maintain healthy and fuller hair with these looks. If you’re looking at undergoing a hair transplant procedure, we at DHI Manchester can help you to regain your confidence at our Manchester hair loss clinic. If you would like to find out more information, get in touch with our professional team today by calling 0161 839 3769 or emailing info@dhimcr.co.uk, and we will be happy to help.